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The updates to this game are so large and frequent that whenever I find time to play it needs an update, so then I don’t. Also these updates are huge. Never thought I’d be annoyed by a company updating their game regularly.

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If only we could go back to MS charging 10k to stop them from being so frequent everywhere.

Data caps sound horrendous and the only way I don't have one is because I have the absolute bare minimum cheapest possible local ass channels tv package bundled with my internet which gives me unlimited. U.S. atleast we hardly get any chances to actually pick a provider though, so one of these days...

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Good point, those updates are frequent and broken games get fixed these days. We cut the cord right before Comcast hit us with data caps. So I’ve had to manage monthly downloads ever since.

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Not to state the obvious but the concept data caps are the problem not the download sizes

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@internetdotcom: Totally agree, just was venting after I got about 50GB of updates in a 4 weeks span. Also the other issue is solely mine as well, when I have time to play. Generally around my lunch break on Tuesday or Wednesday, which is the time an update has been sent out, but my xbox hasn't downloaded it yet.

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@internetdotcom: Data caps are a reality that aren’t going away anytime soon. Large, frequent updates and patches that are as big as the entire game are usually do to poor planning on the developers part.

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Correction : *All games are* murdering my data cap. Everything these days has frequent and large updates that get me near my cap almost every month.

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@octaslash: Games are going to keep getting larger and several companies are trying to start fully streaming games and these are problems that are only going to get worse with the state of internet at least in the US

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Yeah my buddy recently moved to a place where his cap is 250GB a month, and it's 10 bucks for an extra 25GB after you go over you cap. It's really weird to have to pick and choose what games to update for the month (or for him to decide to pay 10 dollars for an update).