where to buy for PC

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Steam has it as a next year, just wondering what platform its on

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@spyder335: I bought mine from Humble Bundle, which gave me an EGS key. If you want it on PC, EGS and resellers for EGS (so maybe Greenman) are your only choice.

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@rorie said:
@alistercat said:

@spyder335: Epic game store.

Yeah, the EGS version has worked fine for me.

As dumb as it sounds I kind of missed achievements, but other than that the EGS worked perfectly fine for me as well.

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Not to be a fearmonger since I might have just gotten unlucky and Epic was having server/authentication issues after I created my account about two weeks ago, but this might be an issue when trying to install a game:

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Things worked eventually, but still, not a great first impression.

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If you're in the market for a new video card, I think this is one of the bundle games. It will be an Epic key though.

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thanks guys and gals