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So man, ever since Ryan headed up a quick look of this last year I vowed to plunk down money for this game if it ever made its way on to steam. Well, I bought it yesterday and man its so much damn fun. First thing I noticed was how eerily accurate it is at basically representing the experience of working at a restaurant of some sort. Having worked at a few fast-food and a deli places in my time the game is spot on at recreating the chaos that can be lunch rush hour at a busy restaurant.

Having to constantly keep an eye on customers and prioritize tasks constantly on the fly is a pretty similar experience to the real thing. So its weird that I find it so enjoyable to recreate the chaos and stress of that kind of environment. However there is something about getting into that rhythm when you look up and see you have a x48 combo going that is undeniably satisfying. Trying to plan out how to spend money to best reach the goals so I can get my restaurant upgraded give a sharp focus to keep my attention. So basically this weekend is going to be a lot of GTA Online and CSD for me. Anyone else pick this up and enjoying it as much as I am?

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That's my Weekend as well, pretty much.
I saw the game pop up in the little "NEWS!!!" box on steam when it released and rembered Ryans Quick Look and him talking about it on a Bombcast saying he actually did enjoy it a lot and I thought "What the hell might as well" .. bought it, launched it as soon as it was downloaded (a whole 10 seconds of waiting! uuugh) and thought I would just play it for a few minutes, but that usually never happens(I do the same with Civ5. "Just a few turns) .. 4 hours later and I was having a blast.

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Cook, Serve, Delicious has really eaten up a good chunk of my week somehow. It can actually be stressful playing during the rush hour, but that's kinda the appeal, I guess.

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@dalai: Yeah, that's the weird thing it is almost stressful but you also have that big fancy checklist and seeing yourself getting closer to the next restaurant upgrade is addicting. I smiled when at one point all four of my orders were people wanting the "Ryan Davis" burger which if I remember right is single patty , double bacon, cheese and I think tomato.

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I was stoked to see it show up on Steam finally, but I can't seem to get my saves to transfer even after following the developer's guide :(

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Did the same thing last night. I thought I would just play a little bit and then...OOPS it's 5 AM.

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I haven't played it since I purchased it for a second time on Steam (gave away the Steam code that I got from my first purchase), but I played the hell out of it when it was initially released last year. It's definitely one of those games where it's very easy to get into that "just one more turn" mode and lose track of time.

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I picked it up on PC, but actually waited until the Android version a month or two ago to really dig in. I think it plays MUCH better there.

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@chaser324: I wish I would stop fooling myself with that "just one more turn" line I use.
I wish I could just say "Screw it, let's start this and just play. If I don't get anything else done during the day, who gives a crap, not like anyone is dying. And in case somebody does die it had better be someone important or else don't call me about it, I'm playing a game"

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How your hands feeling? I remember soreness after my first 4+ hour run at CSD.