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If you own the game already, check out your download link to get the v2.0 installer. I'm not sure if all the third-party stores updated it already. Link to the blog post.

They apparently added "ten new foods to the menu, including an all new breakfast menu, exotic menu and rich dish menu". I think some of them are the ones from the iOS version. They improved the performance and music on the Mac version and finally released a Linux version too.

I just installed this, but I accidentally lost my save file in the process... It'll probably be a couple of hours before I get to the new content. Pretty excited to get back into the game, though.

(By the way, this game still hasn't been Greenlit on Steam. C'mon guys, vote!)

edit: just checked it out, 10 new Specialty Menu that unlocks when you reach specific star ratings. I wish these were around the first time I played the game..

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I completed everything in that game and loved the hell out of it... I don't think I can do it again.

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Man, I'm still waiting for this to get greenlit on to steam. =(

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@demoskinos said:

Man, I'm still waiting for this to get greenlit on to steam. =(

It really is a shame that a game this fun and well produced can't make it through Steam Greenlight. Valve really needs to reassess the way that entire program works.

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Man awesome, that game needed more of an end-game. It's pretty easy to unlock almost everything really early on.

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This game really makes me wish I owned an ipad. The PC version is great but I'm always fumbling with the keys, I imagine the ipad version you just tap the ingredients on screen which seems much easier.

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Awesome, been looking forward to this update.

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I played the hell out of the iPad version. It's such a strangely compelling game. Hopefully all of this stuff will come to that version soon. That might make me play it again.

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I wanted to buy this on iPad but it doesn't support my dinosaur model, and it's not the sort of game I can see myself playing on my PC. Aergh, maybe I should buy a better iPad solely for this game o_O

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@chaser324: Actually steam hosted a Greenlight community chat a few days ago to get ideas on how to improve the system. Not sure how it went although I do know @zvarri was witness to the whole thing. By all accounts it seemed like it might not have been that productive of an exercise judging by reactions from people that participated.

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I think I had all the Cook, Serve, Delicious I could take. Good game, though.

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I wish the progression in this game was a little faster. It gets a little grindy after a while.