Dan Ryckert is going to GBEast full-time come this winter.

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I'll admit, I'm going to miss Jeff and Dan's undeniable chemistry, but oh well, change.

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Can the Crew survive 4 mario parties in that short of a time span

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Can't say I'm surprised, but it's awesome nonetheless. Will New Dan be replaced by East Coast Married Dan? I can't wait to find out!

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I kinda thought it was going to work out that way, with Jeff talking about a new opening, and Dan's talk of the East Coast a month or so ago.

He's not leaving or anything, so I'll just say, man, a lot has changed since 2008.

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@peleus said:

Can the Crew survive 4 mario partys in that short of a time span

Their bodies?


Their sanity?

No chance.

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I'm happy for him and I believe his chemistry with Vinny is really great.

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Very disappointed. Dan fits so much better in the West office.

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its probably a lot easier for them to fill a hole on the west coast for gaming press then on the east coast

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Beastcast has never been better than when Dan was there, and I'm not even the biggest Dan fan ever. Surprisingly to me, he is a perfect fit out there.

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It's really the Jason and Dan combo I'll miss. The fake-but-maybe-not-entirely-fake antagonistic relationship those two played up was always entertaining.

Still, he has been fun with the eastcoast and I look forward to future shenanigans. Hopefully whoever they get over on the west to replace him will work out just as well.

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I've very much enjoyed how Dan is able to play off of Jeff and Brad in the West Coast, however, I've also enjoyed his visit to the East Coast, so I can't say it's a bad thing. I look forward to what is to come in both offices!

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Gonna miss Dan's chemistry with Jeff, Brad, Jason, and Drew, but I think he's fitting in really well with the GBeast crew just the same. Congrats on the move and on getting engaged.

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Yay! This is fantastic. Dan + Vinny + Alex is greattttt

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I sort of assumed this was happening. I have mixed feelings because I loved Demo Derby and I also love what Giant Bomb East has become, but Dan didn't disrupt the chemistry or anything in GBE when he was there and I'm sure he'll come up with more crazy stuff to do in the East (like the video game olympics thing, which was cool) so it's hard for me to see it as a net negative or a net positive.

It's not that I don't care, it's more that I can't judge yet. Dan seems to really have come to despise SF (the city) and I think he'll be happier on the East Coast (NYC isn't Kansas City but but it has a much larger 'normal guy' contingent than San Francisco at this point.)

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I actually think this is a super good idea.

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Very disappointed. Dan fits so much better in the West office.

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I felt the same way, until this gem happened. And then I knew everything would be alright.

The real problem will be finding someone in SF that will replace him. Dan was really good and helping with Brad's dry humor and was perfect for bouncing Jeff's jokes off of. It'll be hard to find someone to take his spot.

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Say what you will about Dan, but no matter where he goes he forces an interesting dynamic between himself and a non-Dan person. He keeps it kayfabe.

Really though, I loved him on the east coast content, so I'm pretty happy about this. Can we stop with the insane re-shuffling of videogame folks now? Between this, Mark MacDonald quitting 8-4, and Danny leaving Gamespot, my little heart can't take any more change.

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I thought he worked really well with Vinny and Alex so I am looking forward to it. I will miss Austin but it will just be a different thing now.

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Dan fits real well with GB east.

It would be nice to have a third person on the bomcast who can play off Jeff, its still good but since Vinny left it often feels like a 2 man show.

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dammit. oh well, at least he'll be there for a while longer. not a big fan of gbeast but this may make them more appealing to me so itll probably be ok in the end. hooray changes!

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Well this makes room for Jonny-V to join Giant Bomb West, right?

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@darknorth: i would love that, but it won't happen, would be a step down for JV.

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I mean... sucks for SF, but Dan's little month tryout was full of amazing content.

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Going to miss Jeff/Dan, Drew/Dan, Brad/Dan, Jason/Dan a lot. But Dan will do great with East. I was really sad when Vinny left the SF crew too but I'm sure there's a lot of great stuff to come. I think East will do a lot of great playthrough content since they are not adverse to it and Dan did a shitload of it at GI.

I just hope the SF office gets someone with Dan's energy. I really remember how down things were there IMO after Ryan. Certainly understandable, but I just thought Dan brought that same kind of energy to create and laugh and have fun that Ryan brought and it really rejuvenated the site.

Change scares me so a bit bummed to think about this right now but still best of luck to Dan. I know he hated SF. Long live GB!

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Really going to miss dan and Drew, but dan and vinny is pretty great. Plus rapid fire mario party party is maybe the best thing ever.

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I just hope like hell that this doesn't mean the end of Demo Derby.

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I love the Vinny + Dan combo. GBeast tended to make content that I liked more since they had Austin and replacing him with Dan sounds like a good move overall. I'll miss him messing with Brad and Jason though.

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Gonna miss Dan with the west crew but at the same time him, Vinny and Alex have been incredible for the last month so it'll be alright.

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The month Dan had with East was absolutely fantastic, just fit so well.

My concern would be more West getting the right character to replace him. But then, GB hasn't done me wrong so far, sure they'll get it right

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I can remember when Dan first joined the GB crew and not being a huge fan of him. Now I'm sitting here wondering who could ever fill the hole he is leaving. GBeast is definitely getting a solid addition to their team.

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TBH, I think he fits in with the SF crew much better. But maybe their chemistry will get better over time.

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I like the move.

Feel a tad bad for Jason as I know they put on a show of being antagonistic I know their good friend.

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I can remember when Dan first joined the GB crew and not being a huge fan of him. Now I'm sitting here wondering who could ever fill the hole he is leaving. GBeast is definitely getting a solid addition to their team.

Dan is an engine for making interesting things happen. He's an ideas man and his ideas are generally pretty good. He's also not afraid of going in and getting his hands dirty and attempting things, rather than endlessly planning them out. I think that's the biggest hole he will leave in GBwest.

Now don't get me wrong. Jeff has good ideas too (ranking of fighters, old games show) but he likes to plan things out and think things through, which means it can take awhile for those ideas to be implemented, both generally and for new episodes to come out. Dan pushes forward ceaselessly and is more willing to do things imperfectly, it seems, which has lead to a lot of cool content.

I hope whoever goes to SF to replace Dan will bring that same creativity in format and desire to try new things and keep shaking things up. I love quick looks as much as anybody (unprofessional Fridays is very hit or miss for me) but Giant Bomb benefits a lot from different formats and a variety of series. That's the best thing that Dan brought, and that's the biggest hole that needs to be filled.

Because let's face it, they're never going to find someone else who is as much of a lunatic as Dan is anyway. He fried a bunch of eggshells. As like an adult person. That's something a four-year-old does!

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Still feel like the west coast needs his energy more than GBeast, but he was pretty good with Vinny (of course everyone has good chemistry with Vinny) so hey, why not. Hope the west coast gets itself a decently high energy component sooner rather than later, though, cus they definitely need it.

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That's great! The chemistry of Dan and Vinny as dumb-stuff-doers and Alex doubling down as the straight man has been really good.

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Dan was great on the east coast. He and Vinny have great chemistry. The Beastcast was never better than when Dan was in NYC.

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Yeah this is perfect.

The Dan/Vinny chemistry is spot on, and it gives Alex a chance to actually play the straight man for real. Dan/Alex also have fantastic chemistry.

I liked Jeff/Dan, but Dan/Brad always felt a bit forced, and the Jason/Dan stuff wasn't my favorite. And Jeff/Dan has nothing on Dan/Vinny.

Vinny needs a person to say YES DO THING, and Dan both offers that, and then encourages him to do even worse things. Alex needs someone to draw him out of his shell, and Dan did that as well.

I wasn't sure about this at first, but the last month has me fully onboard.

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I kind of guessed this was happening when he was going to NY for "just a month".

I really liked Dan and the mix he brought to the West coast team and I thought he fit perfectly after Vinny moved to the East coast. But, I won't deny that after watching his chemistry with Vinny, I can't wait to see more content from those two. I usually focused more on the West coast content, because I had already been listening to it for years, but I honestly might start to focus more on the East. Overall, it doesn't matter. The site will keep getting awesome content and hopefully whoever fills Dan's spot will be funny too. I think the West coast guys need that slot they keep moving off.

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So, so, so happy about this. Dan always stuck out in the San Fran office to me, but has been doing wonderfully over at the GBeast office. I only wish he came to this decision earlier and we got more Austin/Dan interaction.

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@shagge said:

I just hope like hell that this doesn't mean the end of Demo Derby.

Same here. I think Demo Derby will live on but they might have the two offices play different demo discs. Who's gonna be the third man for the West Demo Derbies? Brad? Jason? Will it just be Jeff and Drew?

Otherwise, great for Dan! It makes things more convenient for him and his fiancee and I feel he has good chemistry with Vinny and Alex! Best wishes to Dan in NYC.

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Maybe they could do the same thing they did for cross office quick looks (Soviet Monsters: Ekranoplans w/ Drew and Vinny comes to mind), but with Demo Derby.

@shagge said:

I just hope like hell that this doesn't mean the end of Demo Derby.

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I'm excited for this, it feels right for some reason.

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Kessler is coming back to the GB West crew. CONFIRMED.

Just kidding, but last week's UPF was hilarious.

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Open World Vinny + Dan is gonna be great.

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Vinny/Dan is an excellent combination. This is a good move.

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I thought Dan fit in really well with GBE. I was secretly hoping for something like this. I'm glad it worked out this way.

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so... when's the next extra life, is that when the 24 hour mario party party gonna happen?

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I'm just glad he's not leaving Giant Bomb. Even without a new staff member, GBWest will still produce great videos. They just lack frequency which Dan helped with. I don't know how they went from pumping out Endurance Runs every day, video reviews, multiple video series during E3, etc. to what they put out now. It's like a random Ranking of FIghters and Demo Derby every other month with two to five quicklooks a week.

I think it'd be hilarious if they made Giant Bomb KIDS! or Giant Bomb; The Next Generation where they throw a couple random like-minded, likable YouTubers in an office together and randomly pop by. It seems the guys are getting old, busy with their domestic life and don't have the energy or time they used to. So why not offload that to someone else, while still having some presence? I'm kind of joking but also ... kind of not?