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I was messing about by the Firelink Shrine (mind you I just bought the game a few days ago so I'm still new to all this)when I stumbled by that graveyard obviously outmatched by those skeleton warriors I fled back to safety. I figured one of the guys could help me so I ran to Petrus, but instead the skeleton sliced him up into pieces, all Petrus did was stand there! Then I heard a big dramatic score when he died, so I panicked and upon looking online supposebly now cause he was killed someone down the line is gonna want me dead or something.

So I wanted to know does this still affect me, and/or the story?EVEN THOUGH I was not the one to kill him, I couldn't find an answer online, everything I found was about people who killed him directly.

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i am probably the only guy who misses Snitsky .........

Petrus will affect the story but you will not be able to see the Princess? i think.

Oh and welcome to dark souls !!

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Hmm, I'm actually not sure if Rhea's party will be aggroed towards you since it was an enemy that killed Petrus and not you. If they happen to be mad at you for accidental proxy murder, there is a way to get them off your back, but it'll cost ya a hefty soul amount, I'd imagine, if you leave it too long (you'll understand what I mean if you look up what absolution means, but I'll leave that to your discretion). Alternatively, if you are not interested in faith spells or a faith build, I wouldn't worry about it. That's all that party is really useful for. Either kill them or try to bypass them whenever you need to. Hope this helps.

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It's possible that this will cause you trouble later when a couple of other NPCs show up at Firelink who are friends of Petrus, they may attack you on sight since he is dead if the game considers you to have killed Petrus. Not 100% sure if that's how it would go down though. Sorry, that's probably exactly what others have told you. Unless you planned on using Miracles on your character this probably won't affect you TOO much, you can just avoid that corner of Firelink and they probably won't aggro on you, and they leave after a while.

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No idea, but that sounds ridiculous (in a good way). Dark Souls frightens and intrigues me

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@jclane: Alright I'll look into the absolution and thanks, and yeah I'm not really into the whole miracle build, I'll try it but I'm sure it's something I won't rely on.

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@superfluousmoniker: Oh shit that sounds like a nightmare, thanks for the heads up & I am in the Way of the White covenant if that means anything with them.

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@agent47: You don't need the guy. But you're still very early in the game and could just start over. I did it when I killed the first merchant lol.

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I second the recommendation to start over if you really care about him (though I personally don't think he's important at all). The undead asylum takes about 10 minutes after the first time you do it. The amount of souls it would take to revive the dude isn't worth grinding out.

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Yeah, I would restart that and chalk that up to the game not reacting like you expected it to. Unless Petrus is supposed to have a death wish...

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i wouldnt necessarily restart. He is only really important if you would like to see his story play through, or if you want to go down a faith based path maybe consider it. It wont impact the playthrough hugely though

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I considered restarting but I like my build so far, I'm gonna stay through with my character, but I just fear being ambushed and overpowered by what could have been friendlies

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I'm sorry. - Dark Souls

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@jclane: It's confirmed, even if it is accidental it still counts as your fault, I stumbled upon this sorcery looking lady and two guys dressed similar to Petrus, and they attacked me, and I am still with Way of White. I'm dumbfounded

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Well, you can always pay Oswald of Carim up in the Undead Parish after killing the Gargoyles to clean your name, if you have the souls to spare...

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@agent47: That honestly doesn't surprise me with how punishing this game can be to first timers, but yeah, as the person above stated, that absolution mechanic with Oswald will undo the damage at a price.