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Repost of the previous ill-named thread; this shit is incredible. I literally am sitting here agonizing until the game comes out, and turns out Yurt 2.0 or Patches 3.0 is right there with me.

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Wait, what happened to the coffin sex-change boat topic?

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@sgtsphynx said:

Wait, what happened to the coffin sex-change boat topic?

I would also like to know. I assumed it had something to do with the title or whatever. Maybe it was still considered a spoiler by the forum rules? Ordinarily it would get edited by the mods, but that's not an option for the time being on the account of the site's... stability issues.

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@yummylee: people shut it down because it was spoiler. Guess they didn't want to grow up like I suggested.

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@jz: I would ordinarily consider it an unfair deletion on the account that it was information found from an official interview. However, even Peter was a little iffy on explaining what had happened, and his enthusiasm is what most likely took over in his excitement to explain such a peculiar series of events. The fact that it's technically 'hidden', by virtue of the prompt being ''examine'', means that the developers obviously want players to be surprised by the results. After all, because of the Souls series' vague narratives, mechanics and actual gameplay hijinks are more accountable as spoilers than story stuff.

And of course most importantly, this was a voice actor laying out the information and not a PR guy or developer or anything like that, speaking with a lady from Sony (I gather anywhoo), again, rather than a developer. I'm not surprised to see that it was deleted anyway, even if I personally (nor many other users in the thread) wasn't too bothered by the revelation.

It's probably worth having a spoiler notice in the OP of this thread, too... just to be safe.

Also, Knight Lautrec of Carim is Yurt 2.0.

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Lautrec sort of has his own thing; I'd say he's almost closer to Mephistopheles than Yurt but doesn't really settle on either side. He does help you fight Gaping Dragon after all, and we all know how great the AI is for that fight.

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Meh Lautrec is like Diet Yurt Light. He only kills 1 NPC, and you can get that NPC back. Like Chuck says he even helps in one fight. Yurt kills basically everyone, doesn't feel bad about it, there is no getting them back, and he sure doesn't lift a finger to help you ... even in an incompetent almost detrimental way like Lautrec.

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OK, he's not as detrimental as Yurt... but he uses the same weapon, and like Yurt he is first encountered locked away, with you having the choice to free him or not. He was very clearly designed as the spiritual successor to Yurt.

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Damn, this guy REALLY loves Dark Souls. It's surprising because you'd think this kind of passion for games would be more present in later generations. Very cool to hear him geek out about the game. If more celebrities were this open about what they're passionate about they'd be a lot more interesting to listen to.

Wait, this guy was Darth Maul? Ha.

Also, I kind of get what he means when he says he thinks of Dark Souls in bed. When you have trouble sleeping you think of something comforting and familiar to you so your mind can rest.

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@aegon: Darth Maul's voice, for those numerous lines.

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I can't wait for this game. I don't think I have ever been this excited for a video game in my life.

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This is hilarious, and I hope there are a lot of weird little things like this in the game.

Stuff like this really gave the original so much charm. Same with Demon's Souls.

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There's something very surreal about hearing a celebrity speak his thoughts about a more niche video game like this, he nails every single aspect that I appreciate about the game too, he's a really serious fan. I'm so glad for him to be able to work on the game, it sounds like a dream project for him (quite literally since he mentions he dreams about the game!). And it's comforting as a fan of the series and as a fan of media in general that, more often than I think, there are people involved with projects that they really genuinely care about, because it truly shows in the finished product. Really really looking forward to the game and really looking forward to hearing Pete dick me over in video game form!

Edit: Not that it's really that "niche", but it takes a special kind of player to appreciate a game like this. It doesn't permeate our culture as a whole like some series do.

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Peter Serafinowicz is a ridiculously massive fan of Dark Souls and has long banged on about it on the twitters. Heck, you can even buy the game off his official website, which is kind of crazy. I'm so glad that he's involved with Dark Souls 2 and still seems super excited about it.

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Amazing interview. You can clearly see that he gets the game and knows why it's such a great series.

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All I know is that the first motherfucker I see with a Shotel is getting dead. Fool me once, shame on you...

Knowing From, it'll probably be a super important shopkeeper this time.

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That was a very nice interview.

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Wow man, this game looks amazing. From is operating on another level.

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I can't control the damn hype in me for this game. I NEED it now more than anything.

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18 days!

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What a nice interview. Very relaxed.

I was skeptical at first, but I feel as though the hype has finally sunk in. I need this game.

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It looks so much better than the first game. The cleaner menus and how the menu is displayed while resting at a bonfire is so much better.

I also put in my vacation request at work yesterday for that week (how sad am I)! Come on March 11th!

Also I hope I can play this with the DS4.

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Im falling in love with this guy. I feel like the host is starting to find it creepy when he started talking about finding peace in the solitude and desolation of the world of Dark Souls, which was quite funny. I'm not sure if it's a character he's playing or is he absolutely obsessed.

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