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So I got to the area with the cleric in Heide's Tower of flame. Continuing on I made it to the area where it looks like someone smashed through the wall. Inside is what I assume is supposed to be a cave system, but instead is a crazy graphical glitch.

Everything is white, kind of like it's missing textures. The screen is flashing between darkness and what I am assuming are rock formations that are all white. I am playing on the PS3. Has this happened for anyone else. It seems super weird.

I took a video with my phone, but it's terrible quality. I'll upload it in a bit.

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Here's the video for reference

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Guys it's a secret level , you can travel from there through the abyss to fight artorias ;)

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Looks like the textures didn't load in. Is it doing it consistently or was this a one time thing?

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I think it's just the club rave part

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It stopped when I quit to the main menu, but it's happened again since then and I've been to that bonfire about 5 times now. It's super hard on the eyes haha.

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I had the same thing on version 1.00, updating the game to 1.01 fixed it for me.

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That's after one of the bosses holds you down and forces you to take LSD right? Oh spoilers sorry