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390MB / 5213MB done on my Dark Souls 2 download on PSN at the moment, apparently this is only available on the EU PSN at the moment. Finished game doesn't obviously do anything yet, but at least you won't have to worry about downloading the whole thing on launch day. Or this is a horribly broken version of the game that doesn't even launch and lights your console on fire.

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So it only a 5 gig game? Might as well buy the down load version ...mmmhhh tho I cant justify buying a 50 and 20 PSN network cards :/

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It angers me we cant do this in the US.

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Half of me wants to get the digital version but I've got an order in for the Black Armor edition or whatever it is that is their free upgrade with the soundtrack and metal case however Amazon since the day I put it on order has had the delivery date saying "eh....we don't quite have an estimate yet..... we'll get back to you on that." So assuming I can properly pre-load the game and it unlocks at proper midnight i might give that a go seeing as its only a 5-6 GB game and not fucking a monstrous HDD eating carnivore like The Last of Us

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All the Souls games are pretty small in size. I pre-ordered the PSN version (comes with the pre-order weapons set stuff) to avoid Blu-ray drive noise, and because I don't trust any of the retailers to actually get a copy to me day one.

Edit: Finished installing it, now I'm just staring at the icon on my dashboard. I'll just.. be here, for the next 12days.. waiting.

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Nope, still goin' physical! It's cheaper, and will most likely arrive 1-2 days before the 14th.

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@yummylee: I might have gone physical if it was a lot cheaper but the lowest I could find was 56€.

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Ooh, nice. I need to connect my PS3 again it seems. I bought the collector's edition of Dark Souls and never appreciated any of the extra stuff. It just sat there taking up space. I won't do that again.

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Sounds nice, but I'm going with the US version, since it's arriving 3 days earlier and all - should be enough time to make up for the missing pre-load function. Though you never know with PSN. :P

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Wowzers! That is early, good on PSN.

Still getting physical for that steelbook and soundtrack disc. Will fit nicely next to my LE boxes of Demon's Souls and Dark Souls.

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As a man of progress I'm almost exclusively buy digital. Only when it the case where there simple isn't a digital version, then I might get a psychical copy, if I feel it is a must own game. I've preloaded Dark Souls 2, though I was a bit reluctant to do so, because of a previous bad experience with Ni no Kuni, where I actually ended up having to wait almost a week before I was able to play the game. It wasn't all Sony's fault though, as I had assumed it would automatically withdraw the funds, the way it happens, when you normally buy a game on PSN. I've learned from my mistake.

I got a cheap Super Slim PS3 without a real hard drive, since I already had a spare SSHD. I planned to use the optical drive as little as possible, as I was aware that Sony did that part cheaply, and ended up making it fairly noisy compared to its predecessors. The SSHD has served me well so far, cutting loading times, and sometimes minimizing texture pop-in. On release day, games are the same price, whether digital or psychical, and if I'm not buying on release day, the game in question likely just doesn't interests me enough. Besides, it will likely end up on PS+ anyway.

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I want to see how many people are in line at the midnight release; also I kind of care about physical copies for really good games; don't care for random games and only pay attention to the price in those cases.

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@jz: -_- but of course .... anyway I went and preorder my physical copy , but damn it is so obvious (you can see me and math dont get along well) stupid me

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Oh man...pre-load available and less than a week to go 'till it gets released? Thank god inFamous went gold, so I can keep my PS3 boxed up...

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What are your favorite pre-load builds? Do you choose to pre-load all out or in chunks?

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So whats the word on the file size for Dark Souls II then? Looks like I'm going digital. I had one day shipping paying a buttload extra to get it on goddamn release day and tonight they update my delivery estimate to Wednesday. Like, why amazon am I paying you $15 extra for shipping or whatever (plus sales tax) and not getting it on release day.