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It is open beta.. which means the servers are full and i can't get in :P

It kinda looks like monster hunter + wildstar.

Anyone playing? should i be using a controller? Enjoying it? Thoughts? What's the loop?

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i waited two hours in a que.. got in.. tried to change the rez to 4k (it didn't support it.. blah).. I had a hard time setting up a avatar (menu issues) and thought maybe restarting the game would fix that... multi hour que again. So.. F it :)

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Ye, I was thinking about checking it out, but felt like I already have had enough beta experiences for a little while. From what you're saying though it seems like i dodged a bullet =)

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at least dodged a huge que. :)

I'm totally not clear what the game is. That is what is was expected to see.

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I bought into there alpha beta phase it was neat for a few hours but it felt like a under build Monster Hunter.

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Yep I'm "playing" the beta:

At lunch time there was a 20,000 player queue and it took me just over an hour to get in... Not expecting to play this evening.
At lunch time there was a 20,000 player queue and it took me just over an hour to get in... Not expecting to play this evening.

I got a closed beta key so I already tried it before, and I'm not sold on it yet. I love Monster Hunter and I was really hoping this would turn out great, but a few niggles so far that put me off. One, the menus are terrible. Genuinely some of the worst UI design I've ever seen, and I can't believe I haven't seen more people complaining about them. If this was after their big "UI overhaul" update, I'd hate to see what it was like before! And two, the movement feels a little... sticky. I'm used to games with animation priority thanks to all my time spend playing MonHun since Freedom on the PSP, and various Dark Souls games, but the fact sometimes I can't roll-cancel out of my moves a few frames early like I'd expect to, or that if you are sprinting and hit an obstacle (e.g. a tree) you instantly lose all momentum, can be offputting. That and I have no clue what the jump is for. Seems like a weird waste of a button, I kinda expected this to just exactly mirror MonHun controls but it's all off slightly (and combined with the wonky UI I can't even rebind the controls to be how I'd like, even though they supposedly support it.) Finally, I beat the tutorial and the game timed out while loading into Ramsgate, and now I have to completely remake my character from scratch and redo the tutorial again. So that's lame.

I'm gunna give it more time but I think I need to wait for the hype to die down if I ever expect to play.

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I'm in and the queue seems shorter tonight and that is odd as it is Friday but eh.

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Remember when this seemed all the hotness and then like a month or so later they announced MHW was coming to PC? Even so sounds like there's still a lot of interest, will try it when things stabilize a bit.

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@bollard: I'm curious what about the UI stands out to you as being awful? Is it the look or just navigating the menus? And are you trying to navigate them with a controller, because I could see that being a bit iffy for sure. As for the movement, I agree with you that it feels slightly off, but I didn't get to play enough to figure out exactly what made me think that--something about your acceleration/deceleration, maybe? The jump just seems to be for navigating the environment or catching a bit more air off the lift vents, I'd guess.

It's got a neat look (although I think the faces are a bit harsh and making "attractive" female characters is a bit hard) and the designs of the monsters/gear seem pretty rad. I'm eager to play more; unfortunately, so is everyone else and I'm too damn impatient to sit in queue for 2-3 hours just to get a chance to play.

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finally got in. It is fun.. but i kinda wish the monster where bigger, but it is still early. The world seems a bit empty too.. but again.. maybe because it is early.

Here is me playing poorly vs some ice owl thingy. (game seems to be running fine @4k 60 fps (i have vsync on and i'm playing with a controller.)

Loading Video...

The queues are brutal! I was in one for 6 hours. Kinda makes it so i have a play all day now...

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no queues today (so far). If someone was thinking of trying it you might want to try now.

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Installing it now, loved MHW, looking forward to that game's PC release, but this looks pretty cool after watching a couple open beta videos

Edit: Holy cow 54001 people in front of me in queue. jesus lol

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only 54,000? :) It moves pretty fast too (after the fix last night)

Yesterday i was in the queue for 7 hours!

(i also send you an invite to the guild (if your nick in game the same as here.) - which has no impact other than it will say "Bombing" under you name.)

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only played the tutorial for now, seems ok. For a free2play monster hunter clone it seems fine. Atleast this will hold me over until MHW hits on the pc.

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This looks...okay but also I think if I had waited hours in a queue to try it then I'd immediately hate it for all time.

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I join queue and play State of Decay 2 or something else while waiting. The game lets you idle for a long time after it finally logs you in.
As for the game itself, it seems okay but I've only played the first few quests.

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@wemibelle: I wish I was at my computer to take a few screenshots but I'm going to try to reply on my phone. It boils down to bad feedback to the player on the UI elements. One example would be that the item you have selected in a menu isn't highlighted or bolder, but instead has a weird transparent glowy ring on one side of it.

Another similar thing is an over reliance on every single UI element having to have a transparent gradient background. It all comes across as like bad web design, and feels a bit cheap.

The one that really weirded me out was when I was in the inventory or equipment screen and it's kinda divided into three sections. I didn't even notice until I moved the mouse cursor that the third you are over has the background really bright white, I thought at first that the background image was busted. Then when I moved the cursor about it was just really off-putting and unnecessary.

I hope that's vaguely understandable for drivel that I wrote on my phone!

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@zurv: HA I see me in your video, I'm DavidGustav

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haha.. small world!

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Anyone geared up? i'm trying to finish some heroic sets and god damn new people with pooo gear … grrrrr…. :)