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I'm thirsty.

My thirst has driven me to desperation. To many of those things in the cities. They've chased me for what seems like hours. I can't get away. I have nothing, no food, no water, no weapons. I feel like giving up, ending everything. The noise has attracted another of those things. I decide to make a last stand; a last gasp of survival. I spot a house on the side of the road. I quickly reach it and shut the door. I back into a corner and wait, maybe they won't get in and will go away? They reach the door and burst through the locked door with ease. I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up. All I can do is raise my fists. I punch the blonde one, she shrugs it off with ease, wow. I punch and punch to no avail. These things are tough. They shred me with their claws. I can feel the blood dripping onto my clothes. My vision blurs, I'm feeling light headed. I continue to fight with everything I have. I knock them down but they just keep getting up. My body aches. My head is killing me. The blonde one slashes me again and I go unconscious. I can feel them devouring me. What are these things. The pain is unbearable.

And then I wake up.

I'm thirsty.

I can see a house, two story, brown, and dilapidated. The door is open. I enter and find nothing downstairs. I walk upstairs and see a cereal box. It's been mostly eaten and the box is in bad shape. I'm not particularly hungry, and with no water I figure I could become more dehydrated. I leave the house and go across the train tracks and a road to another house, it's door is also open. I spot what appears to be a working compass on the floor, but otherwise, it's empty. I see a sign saying a town called Chernogorsk is one kilometer down the road. I decide to make the trek into town, but for some reason the thought of nearing the city unnerves me. I hug the treeline and visit a few other houses on the road, yet nothing was to be found. I then spot what looks like a factory ahead. There's something bothersome about this factory. Then I see it. A pile of people, dead. Most of them have been stripped. Disgusting. I spot an axe under one of poor souls. I take it, I might need it. This sight has spooked me and I turn back. I return to the house I woke up near and decide to go up the fork in the road up what looks like farm land. I searched a barn to no avail. Farther up the road ends at a lone house, nothing in this house either. I go across the field hoping to find another farm or possibly a town, but I've lost the road and feel I must turn back.My thirst feels like it's about to kill me and I'm starting to get hungry, I almost regret not taking that box of cereal I decide to brave the town of Cherno. It scares it, but I need water badly. I hug the trees and attempt to avoid the factory of death. I spot the town proper and begin to look for water. Still nothing. I leave one house and crouch down and lean to spot the 4 way stop ahead. There's one of those things, just standing there. I feel with my axe I probably could take him, but I think right now it's best to avoid stirring up attention. Suddenly I hear a "HANDS UP"! I raise my hands and don't turn around. A man handcuffs me and tells me they will be taking some blood. I see three people reveal themselves to me, and hear two more behind me. The ones I see are decked out with rifles and strange masks. They appear to have backpacks filled with food, water, and ammo. They stick an IV in me and extract my fluids. They they take my axe and my pants, and leave me cuffed. After a struggle I free myself and continue my search for water. As I'm looking through a house I hear a screech! One of those things spotted me through the house! It burst through the door with ease and slashes me. I'm bleeding. I run out of the house and fid myself running down the road dripping blood with a horde of those things after me. My vision begins to blur and suddenly nothing, blackness. I've lost consciousness. Yet I can still hear them. feasting on me.

And then I wake up.

I'm thirsty.

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@skullking: I always wanted to try this game. Might get it when it enters beta.

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Goddamn, I want to play this game! I'm so fucking burned out on alpha releases, though, so I'll have to wait till it enters beta..

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The alpha version is a pretty complete experience so I wouldn't wait till beta, especially since they've already said they probably wont reach beta till the end of 2014

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How co-op friendly is this game? I've been feeling like playing a game where I feel like I'm experiencing similar situations you would find in something like The Walking Dead series. Is it easy for me and my friends to find each other and survive together?

Also, is that "Hands up!" handcuff and loot players real? That seems awesome! Just the type of stuff I'm looking for.

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@tearhead said:

How co-op friendly is this game? I've been feeling like playing a game where I feel like I'm experiencing similar situations you would find in something like The Walking Dead series. Is it easy for me and my friends to find each other and survive together?

Also, is that "Hands up!" handcuff and loot players real? That seems awesome! Just the type of stuff I'm looking for.

So, I caved and bought the game, and to answer your questions, Yes, stick ups are very much a part of the Day Z experience. You can speak directly to other players (either using you mic or typing) when you're close enough. So yeah, groups of bandits (other players/jerks) roam around, singling out lone survivors, who they then handcuff, steal any useful shit they might be carrying, draw their blood (this is a thing) into IV bags so they can patch themselves up if a stick up goes south, and either shoots their victims in the face, lets them wander of totally defenseless and unequipped, or force feeds them rotten food until they die. Good times.

The game also makes a point out of you not spawning with friends, so you'll each have to get your bearings before trying to find each other. All while not dying to zombies, thirst, hunger, cold, bandits and what not.

That being said, playing with friends are definitely the way to go. It's a lot easier to get back on you feet when you die (and you will die), and more importantly, the game is basically about you creating your own fun (anyone can survive, hiding in a hole somewhere, scavenging supplies at night). So bringing a couple of friends are pretty paramount.

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@sharkethic: All that sound exactly like what I'm looking for, except the spawning alone thing. I hope it's not too much of a hassle to link up with friends in the world.

How is the world broken up anyway? Are there just servers you connect to? How many people can be in a server at once?

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They are Zombies, dude! Where have you been for the last 20 years!?

Jokes aside, I wanna try this game out too but early access games scare me, I rather wait and play the finished and polished product.

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I really want this game but I'm going to wait until it's out of alpha.

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@tearhead: Easiest way to find your friends is as follows: You generally spawn at the north part of the coastline, at which point your goal is to locate the nearest town and communicate where you are to your friends (look for town signs). If your friends are in a town north of you, you run along the coast with the water to your right and vice versa. It probably won't take more than 10 minutes to get to you friends, but the coast can be a pretty scary place, so as soon as you hook up you should head inland.

Here's an awesome map of the world: http://dayzdb.com/map

Regarding servers, there's a shit ton of 'em to pick from. Some are "day-time only" (meaning it won't get dark), some are dedicated to rookies and so on. Your character is persistent across every server, though. So if you log off one server and on to another, you'll respawn at the same spot and with the same gear as you left the previous. Servers can usually hold 40 people, which may not seem as a lot, but people tend to head for the military bases and large cities where you're most likely to find military loot (guns!) and hospitals, so you're bound to come across someone if you want the "good stuff" as well.

The game is a real motherfucker at times, but goddamn, when it's awesome it's really awesome.