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DCUO is the first MMO I've ever really liked (probably due to the combat mechanics). Just last night I hit the level cap and now I'm wondering what do I do now, I hear that MMOs really get good once you are at the level cap. But I'm pretty overwhelmed with all of the raids and stuff that I now have unlocked and I don't really know what I should do now that I don't have the thirst for gaining xp. So I ask you fellow duders, what do I do now, and what do I have to do to get the crazy high level gear and stuff?

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You stop playing DCUO.

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You should join an active guild if you haven't already, that is probably the only way you will be able to participate in end game content.

Then you are just joining in guild activities to get the best gear for yourself and everyone else so that your group can complete harder and harder raids.

You will probably need to start buying the expansion packs, but I wouldn't bother until you are sure you can get into a good guild that is actually completing the content.

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I'd say, try to do some feats, collect new styles, join a league, get better armor to improve your combat rate (Yes, after getting level 30, your combat rate is getting important, the higher the rate, the stronger your character).

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How do I uninstall this game?

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How do I uninstall this game?

You let Ch'p the Squirrel Green Lantern to kill you 25 times before a pop-up menu shows asking if you would like to uninstall this game.

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Once you hit 30 you start doing the Duos and Raids to earn the currency to get the higher tier armor sets. It was all too much of a grind for me and I lost interest.