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I started playing the game today (on PS4) and I found the default controls to be pretty cumbersome and I felt like I was fighting the controls as much as the enemies. I have switched things around a bit and currently have the following;

Main attack - R1

Secondary attack - L1

Equipment Right - R2

Equipment Left - L2

Roll - Square

Action - Circle

Heal - Triangle

Jump - X

It feels a little more fluid this way, but I feel like my equipment slots gets underutilized as a result, or maybe I am still finding my groove with the combat flow in general as I am very new to the game. Either way, I was curious if you guys run with the default setting or if you had found a better setup.

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I think the only change I made was swapping the dodge roll to R1 rather than a face button because it seems essential to never have to take your finger off it.

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I did not mess with the controls at all and have gotten quite used to the default on Switch. When I first started playing though I constantly mixed up jump and roll.

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I changed dodge to right trigger, heal to left trigger and equipment to right and left bumper. I thought it was kind of crazy hearing Jeff complain about dodging being tied to the left trigger in Guacamelee. It's always felt better to me to be able to dodge out of any attack instantly. That might just be because I played a lot of Ninja Gaiden over the years though. (either way I agree that buttons should be remappable in every game, props to Dead Cells for that)

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Kept it default. Attack buttons on the shoulder buttons don't seem right on a sides scroller game and I'm fast enough that attacking jumping and dodging can all be done within a fraction of a second, not that the game needs you to be that fast since it still has noticable reset animation.