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I figured I'd just throw this suggestion out there since I don't believe anybody's posted about it yet...
I'd like to see an advanced search feature that would let you filter a search for games by the pages it's connected to.
For instance, I could set up a filter for the object " chainsaw", the location " Space", and the concept " Strategic Dismemberment"
And then I'd hit search and it'd compile a list of the games that are connected to those three pages.
Hell, maybe you could double or triple it up, for instance, games connected to multiple pages of the same type... i.e. - All of the games connected to the " Badger," " Penguins," and " Ninja" pages (Honestly, I'd like to see if there were ANY games besides Scribblenauts on that list)
A third possibility would be the option to combine keywords with page-connections, to get your search to be more precise.
So, just something for you guys to think about... I would personally find it to be an extremely cool feature.

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Yeah, that kind of stuff would be great. Perhaps not a priority for the developers though, so if anyone has been wanting to use the API but didn't know what to do with it, here's something to do. :)