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Hey guys. Newbie here.

Anyway, post on reddit redirected me here.

Problem I'm having is described in thread title. Can anyone help me with this?

How to do it, where to apply new game, how much of waiting period until twitch syncs it with this site..

I'd need some basic tutorial, just to see how things functioning around here. Hope I'm in right place!? :)

Game is new billiard/snooker/carom(...) simulation which puts all of the competition far behind. Soon it will be released on Steam as well.. I'm one of beta testers that's using free time to stream some matches/tournaments on Twitch. And it's getting annoying that I use "billiards" tag, instead of a game's name on Twitch list. Rest of it you know, I came here to get that name up there. It's called ShootersPool btw. Thx for reading.