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So I've been trying my best to go through and add a few basic entries for games that are hot right now. Bums me out when I go to a game's page, that everyone is talking about, and its blank. But beyond that, what is with people dumping pc specs in the main wiki description. It's really lame. Am I missing something?

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@betamax: What's your question exactly?

Please Feel free to fill in any details you think are needed on under finished pages you see. I do that from time to time myself. Somebody's got to do it, it's a wiki so there's always going to be things that need doing. Personally I'd rather somebody do just a little than nothing at all, even if that means just making the skeleton for a page. Every little bit helps.

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@betamax: There's no specific, built-in place to put specs, so we generally list them at the bottom of the wiki page. If there's nothing else on the page yet, well...then those specs are at the top for now.

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@marino cool, well ill do my best to add some content so they drift down.