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So I have noticed how sorting the wiki's characters in alphabetical order starts all wrong.

There are specifically 65 character profiles which appear first, and out of order.

The character list sorted in alphabetical order starts with Mia Watanabe. Obviously this one shouldn't be first.

Then the list starts sorting characters alphabetically but ONLY from one game, Hot Wheels: World Race (with the exception of Blobbers from Skylander).

After that (with the exception of Paulo Guerra character profile which comes next randomly) the order is reset and starts displaying results alphabetically from characters from specific games, mostly from Kamen Rider, Power Rangers and Time Crisis games.

Then the order is reset again and this time it starts displaying the rest of the characters of the wiki in their correct alphabetical order.

I suspect it has to do with the language set on the windows language bar. It might have been a different one despite them typing in latin characters.

I think these inconsistencies might be resolved if the character names are re-entered.

I can't do this though. I tried editing the character pages but I cannot re-enter the character name.