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There does seem to be some difference between the two things in their meaning but I don't think that in games that they're any different. From what I can tell, an apocalypse precedes and armageddon.

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Isn't Armageddon more of a Christian concept, while the Apocalypse is used to refer to any sort of end-of-days scenario?

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Both are Christian concepts. Apocalypse refers to the whole end whereas Armageddon refers specifically to the final battle during the end.

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Yeah, they're both different things. But are a part of the same event. The End of the World.

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Bumping this because, two years later, we still have both concepts and their descriptions still make them completely interchangeable.

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@sodacat: So...change them?

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@Marino: OK, I'm going to change Apocalypse to a concept about drastic world/universe wide changes, while Armageddon will be about an absolute end to existence. I don't know how common usage will bear that out, but based on the literal translation of the words that's the best distinction I can make between the two concepts.