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I regard the wiki here as very valuable, especially when it comes to information which isn't provided anywhere else. I am proud to have contributed here for this reason. That being said, I was inspired by Jeff's assertion on the Bombcast recently that the site and the means with which content is produced needs to evolve, and I think on the community side that is also true. We can go much further as a resource for obscure video games.

Users; many moderators in fact, have basically been working around the let's play formula for years now with text and screenshots. Why not give them the best venue to directly create what is already original content for the site? It is now easier than ever to record audio and gameplay. It is hard to imagine most people without some form of microphone and access to some sort of PC video capture tool.

I need to state that what I'm thinking isn't an alternative to YouTube and isn't meant to compete with the content on the main page. Uploading unique video content to wiki pages, similar to how we already upload images and the like, seems to me the currently most efficient means to provide knowledge about a video game. Video games differ from all other mediums in that they are worlds to be explored and experienced. Even in linear games it is next to impossible for two people can play the same game the exact same way. Video is the best way to convey one's experience with a video game to another person. The result has the potential to be useless, but even more potential to provide insight.

I would suggest this be implemented within our point system, and it should be emphasized that the content is uniquely created by the user. If the user has over 1000 points or whatever threshold should be implemented, they can then implicitly be trusted to post their own content. Otherwise content should be vetted by a cursory Google search. If the same thing is a popular YouTube video obviously not authored by the user, it shouldn't stand. But if the user can provide some form of proof they are uploading a video they also uploaded on their YouTube account, that shouldn't be a problem. I get that people can already do this stuff themselves on YouTube, but here we can have a clear emphasis on providing knowledge.

What I would want to see is stuff with a direction, not simply random gameplay footage (there's plenty of that elsewhere on the internet). We should have content which, like our wiki, provides information found nowhere else on the internet. Encylopedia Bombastica would be an excellent model with which to do this, otherwise full playthroughs with running (thoughtful) commentary would be great as well.

I would like to know if this isn't possible because of the site's bandwidth limitations. I'm also open to constructive criticism of the idea and why it might not work.

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I can see at least two problems - moderation and ownership. Introducing community lets plays would be sort of fun, but would it a) be worthwhile for GB financially and b) would you as a user want CBSi to own your LPs and have the right to serve whatever ads on it? Let's say your Let's Plays take off and are great and you wanna go full time LPer or something. According to the site's ToS and so on, any material uploaded to GB (including LITERALLY the words I write here) are owned by CBSi. They both have the same problem i.e. "what's in it for me". Is GB gonna profit from such an idea, and how much is it worth your time? There's also any number of licensing issues regarding the use of video game footage (yes it's still a thing), especially if that stuff ends up on YouTube. Would GB also pay several people to scrape through community generated videos to make sure they're not garbage quality and also not full of awful things such as hate speech and the like?

The third problem is, as Jeff has said in the past, there are plenty other places out there (or maybe not?) that already have a niche laser focus on particular games or genres.

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As someone who captures and uploads credits videos to YouTube already I have always wished I could somehow attach them to wiki pages. I have always been interested in things like the credits, opening sequences, ect. being attached to the pages but also have realistic expectations as to how that will probably not work. There will probably far too many obstacles in the way such as moderation and cost of bandwidth to do such a thing.