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Looks Like I forgot to formally request this three years ago.

As best as I can tell Tides of War ,if it ever existed, became either Naval Assault: The Killing Tide or didn't exist.

This is a press release for Naval Assault: the Killing Tide (emphasis mine)


Gamers Travel to 1943 Where Submarines Command the Tides of War

Global video game publisher 505 Games and developer Artech Studios today revealed the official trailer for Naval Assault: The Killing Tide, available nationwide on June 15 exclusively for Xbox 360™. "

Seems like a pretty big coincidence to use that specific phrase in a Press Release for a WWII game released in 2010 by 505 and Artech studios.

I'm going to guess whoever made the page initially either was going off old info (maybe Naval Assault was originally intended to be called Tides of War but ran into trademark issues with the 1999 game) and the game's name was later changed, or they got confused and named it the wrong thing.

here is a UK retailer listing for a 360 game called "tides of war" that released on 6/15/2010 by 505

It lists a a UPC code, 812872013060 , which if you google returns Naval Assault: the Killing Tide at other merchants

Hat tip to @beachthunder who discovered this potential problem as referenced here and @bobafettjm who figured out the possible connection between these two pages.

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