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He's not a separate character. The first one is June, the second one is Sigma.

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Is this a spoiler.

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@Bocam: Spoilers be damned. You're going to need to tell me (and link) to who is who and who should be deleted.

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I read Zero, and I read Sigma that whited out name, and I read June thinking it was Juno, and I instantly thought that there was a link that I had missed between Mega Man X and Legends.

I never thought I'd be disappointed by a Delete and Combine request.

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@Marino: Delete this page. The reason I hadn't linked Sigma is because he doesn't have a character page yet.

@believer258: Sorry to disappoint.

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Isn't there room to have a page for "Zero" but also character pages for the characters that are Zero? I haven't played either game, but is this a similar situation to Deadly Premonition with the Raincoat Killer? We have a Raincoat Killer page and a page for the character that the Raincoat Killer was revealed to be.

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@MEATBALL: That's different. There were two separate Raincoat Killers. The one you play as who you don't find out the identity of and George.

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@Bocam thanks for the spoiler >.> (although I had my suspicions about it going that direction).

He does have a page, but it's not easy to find. Check the recent character pages.
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@Bocam: Done.

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