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Seeing as most people would expect a culminating fight out of a boss, one of these pages is unnecessary.


Boss Fight

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I don't mind that the two pages are separated.
Bosses and Boss FIGHTS are two total different things.

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I have to disagree, Epic_Hero. Like Ninja said, the fact that a boss exists pretty much guarantees a boss fight of some description. Similarly, the presence of a boss fight automatically implies the existence of a boss. How many games do you know of which feature Bosses that you don't fight? While the two things aren't identical, they overlap in every instance I can think of. It's not necessary to keep both concepts.

For what it's worth, I think Boss Fights should stay, as it seems to be the most fleshed out page.

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I think this topic is still relevant, so I am bringing it to attention again.

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I dont think anything will be done. They have been up since the site launched I figure if they had problems they probably already might have taken it down. but who knows. I see no problem.

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There should not be games listed in "bosses" if the two are kept, send a PM to G-man and he'll discuss it with the staff.

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Hmmm...I think it could be argued that they could each have their own page.  My opinion would be to keep them separate.  You could talk about the individual bosses (and how big of douches they can be) and the Boss Fights can talk about the zaniness that usually goes on during.  I'll grab the opinion of one of the other guys later today.

As far as Bosses and not fighting them, I'm thinking back to the original Super Mario Bros.  It was possible to jump over Bowser and not have to actually fight him.  Sure reaching the area behind him caused him to fall into the lava but jumping over a dude doesn't really seem like a fight.