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Not sure since I've never had any of my edits deleted in the past, but recently I made two updates: 1) Uploaded the actual PS2 cover art for Shining Tears and 2) Changed the title for Shining Wind because it was listed as "Shainigu Windo".

I think in the past if you edit got rejected at least it would tell you it was, but those two edits are not in my wiki history at all.

Anyone know what's up?

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A couple of things:

  • I think the image you posted would've gone into the Image Queue, and I'll be honest, the Image Queue is totally broken and has been for a long time. I legitimately don't think it's possible for anything to actually get through it without being lost to the ether.
  • I'm pretty sure that setting the default image and changing a title are things that only moderators or staff can change.
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Ah I'm not trying to change the title for the entire wiki page, just the title for one of the releases. The ones under the tab "Releases (#)"

In the past I've done this a bunch of times with no issues. Sad to hear that image uploads are broken. =(

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Releases are also pretty broken. In general, if something doesn't work with respect to the wiki, you should assume it's broken.

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Every screenshot I've uploaded for MegaZeux since registering appears perfectly intact in the Images tab of my profile, but none are in MegaZeux's image tab. What's especially bizarre is that the initial title screen I submitted (the title screen for Caverns of Zeux, the original pack-in game) went through just fine at first, but somehow got unlinked, and the title screen is now just a broken image.