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I have a better image for a few games than what is currently available as the default image, how do I change it? Or can I even do that?

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Upload them, then go to the page for the image itself, and you will see a "make default image" or something. Just press that. Obviously just make sure the image is in the right spot first.

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Make a request over in this thread. IIRC, you need 5,000 wiki points before you can do that.

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Oh, yeah, I didn't remember if that was a 5k or 1k privilege.

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With the new site I can't find this option anymore. Anybody knows?

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Well, I found the answer by experimenting. Not really logical.

  1. Go to the gallery and browse to the image you like to make the default one.
  2. Click 'Edit tags' and you will see a nice blue bar at the top of the screen.
  3. Click the image you want make the default one
  4. Press the button in the small window bottom left to make it default.
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Hmm, sorry for the thread bump, I am also interested in trying to figure this out!

I have uploaded a few games galleries with images to use for missing ones, or replace broken ones, but I can't find how to use them as "default" picture... Unfortunately, some pics I have uploaded do not render well, and I find no option to delete them later, either... I read, I would need 5000 Wiki Points to do both, really...?

Please find below, the list of the games I am trying to "fix". Thanks for any help on this, or a mod looking into them! ^^

EDIT : Attempting to fix them myself, as I have reached 5000 points!

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@kwama57 said:

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@chemin: I can't change the image by this, I tried but when I search the game it shows up the previous image but in as I click the game wiki no image is there. How can I solve it? Can you please help

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@safrin: You're replying to a 6-year-old thread. The current post for these types of changes is stickied in this forum, but here's a link.