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Making a standalone thread for visibility mostly.

So, previously it was super easy to change a game release's box art on the release page. Now there simply is no button to do that anymore. If you didn't upload an image during the initial submission of the release, you're sol? Or is it so well hidden that I simply don't see it?

I'm mostly glad that the edit release function isn't completely broken anymore but I'd really like to continue changing/fixing box arts.

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@def: I am having the same issue. Some of the older pages on the site have incorrect box art for certain release entries or sometimes people will upload a placeholder image for a game pre-release and now it can't be changed. The fact that the ability to change release entry images has seemingly been removed is one of the most frustrating changes to the wiki tools for me personally.

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@lentfilms: second only to the lack of official comments on stuff like this :/

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@def: It's a known issue. For the time being, the only solution is to delete the release entry and redo it.