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Hey this is probably a silly question and i apologize for my ignorance, but here we go : I just purchased a chrome cast device, and i am interested in using it combined with the almighty Giantbomb.com. I know that there is a unofficial Giantbomb app (Giant bomb video buddy) that does the trick. I would really like to "cast" my premium content from my phone, on to my tv and i know it is possible through the Video Buddy. I know GB has a Boxee code and the sync up with VB i assume, is pretty straight forward. Here is my concern (because mentally i am as paranoid as an 80 year old, when we talk internet security) how safe is it to sync up my GB account to Video buddy through the boxee code? How much of my billing and account info is exposed in that sync-up?

Thanks in advance!

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You literally just input the code. The code completely exists independently of your billing info. It probably just draws whether or not you're a premium member from your profile. So that's the connection to your profile. Also, the app does not output any data (at least that is known of) outside of the video you stream to your Chromecast.

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@vierastalo Well.. When you put it that way, it makes a lot of sense! Thanks for the reply.