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If you're credited on a game that's in the database (for actual work, not as a Kickstarter backer), is it considered bad form to add or edit information on yourself or games/companies you've worked on/for? (Obviously you shouldn't write about how awesome your shit is, but what about purely factual edits such as filling in missing credits, biographical information, etc.?)

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I would say, (having no authority), that a COI is not a problem on the Giant Bomb wiki, when simply adding facts. One major advantage over Wikipedia, is that there is a much lower bar for notability (any released console or computer game / hardware is basically notable for the purposes of this wiki). There is also virtually no bar for citations. In other words, unless you are blatantly introducing factually inaccurate information, everyone assumes good faith in article edits. Once you have enough points accumulated that you can edit articles without monitoring, you've been adequately vetted (hopefully) and you're free to make edits.

If someone questions a controversial edit in forums, or on that page's internal forum (which practically never get used) simply state that you have first hand knowledge.

This has actually been useful to me - I add and edit mainly obscure old commodore, atari, and other unusual games. Sometimes, the information is hard to find, but it's not difficult to track down some lesser known developers. Some articles that I've done like round about were based entirely on my own memory of the game, and a conversation with the developer - both of which would be major problems on Wikipedia, but don't seem to be here.

I would say that developers introducing factual statements and corrections into this wiki are problem free, and probably even encouraged.

Mods, correct me if I'm off base.