Is it possible for users to have an audio mixer?

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Just wondering if it was possible for users to have an audio slider for gameplay audio? It would be a cool feature for us to be able to control the gameplay audio. Maybe it would lead to less complaining about upf audio? It seems far fetched, but I think it would be awesome to have. No offense meant for the GB audio/video team, as I know you have your own set of challenges to deal with, just asking because I'm curious. Thanks.

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I’ve thought this would be a nice feature on a few occasions. I’m guessing it’s possible but just a lot of work to get the site to support it and also while recording it’ll just increase both workflow and the chance of things going wrong.

I’d have loved it for the last Breaking Brad Mario stream, those old school sounds were far to punchy compared to the guys talking over it.

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@ceen: Yeah, watching the mario stream made me think of it too. It doesn't need to be on live shows, but it would be cool for the archived versions for sure.

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You could run your own audio through a compressor* using virtual audio cables. Reaper offers free VST plugins that you can use with a free vst host like pedalboard2, vsthost or minihost modular.

*compression is an audio signal processing operation that reduces the volume of loud sounds or amplifies quiet sounds thus reducing or compressing an audio signal's dynamic range.