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I swear I saw something like this awhile back but it might have been a staff thing. I am playing Mario and Luigi Dream team game and I was very surprised at how small the wiki is for this game. The reviews for it are terrible but I am enjoying myself. I do not have the talent to write up a wiki so I thought it would be cool if games could get flagged and then an awesome Duder could work on it.

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What you might be remembering is the Wiki Tasks initiative, to which no longer exists.

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What Yummylee is neglecting to tell you about is the thread he made - Unofficial Wiki Tasks Discussion. It might not be a very active thread, but it's the best we have at the moment.

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I think there was some kind of bounty system at one point but only staff type people could place a bounty on things.

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Thanks for the info. I'd honestly do it myself but it would look like a geocities / angelfire page if I did it.

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I would say just post in the thread mentioned above. I lurk around the editing & tools as well as the delete & combine request forums multiple times a day.