is there a reason why we can't edit the location on a page?

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when I was doing some simple edits for MGS Rising, and for some reason I couldn't add any locations to the page, I had to go to the location page itself and add in the game. what's up with that? a programming oversight or a new "feature"?

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How are you trying to add them? I'm seeing no problems adding items to the location either through the location tab on infobox on the side of the main page, or by going directly to the game's location page.

Are you making sure to hit the "Edit this wiki page" button at the top of the page first?

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@aishan: @halberdierv2:

This is a problem I have pointed out during the relaunch week as well. Only mine was in relation to concepts.

How this (not) works is that when you have a wiki page that already has a bunch of locations, concepts, etc attached to it and hit the EDIT WIKI button WITHOUT FIRST SELECTING the "related pages" tab you want to edit (!), you are not able to add anything since the text entry field does not appear. It only works on empty pages OR if you first click on concepts/locations/etc BEFORE clicking on the EDIT WIKI button.

This is a really dumb UI bug.

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@def: ah, that's rather silly. thanks, and I hope this gets fixed.