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You may want to consider deleting Laura Barrett's page, as it is quite likely an error. Laura Barratt was a composer for various PC games in the '90s. Doing a MobyGames search for "Laura Barratt" you will find an entry for "Laura Barrett" as well. They list "Master of Orion II" as Barrett's only effort, but you can see that the same game is also listed for Laura Barratt. Laura Barratt is the only composer listed in the MobyGames credit list for Master of Orion II (DOS & Mac versions). The Windows version credits are mistakenly listing her as Barrett. Likely someone simply copied over this error from their website. You can see her listed as "Laura Barratt" in the above screenshot from the game.

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The page has been deleted, but "Laura Barrett" has been added as an alias to prevent users from repeating this mistake even if it is a misspelling.