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I've noticed that several Live Arcade titles don't have a system listed for them, just "Xbox Game Store" this works for systems like the Wii and DSI because only one system can access the shop. However "Xbox Game Store" as we define it can be used across two systems with each only having a limited selection of titles. Should we not also list them for the system they're on? For instance Rez HD would be listed under "Xbox Game Store" and "Xbox 360" because while it's accessed from the store in general, it can only be played on the 360.

EDIT: Ok so I've been able to see that on an actual games page they are listed by platform, but when sorting through the tags you only have one generic "XBGS" tag which still I think needs to be addressed.

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I will second this, until they add support for 360 arcade games on Xbox One there should be an Xbox 360 Game Store and a Xbox One Game Store category.

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Per some of Jeff's comments in the past, it's likely that all of those digital game platforms will at some point be done away with and merged with the actual hardware platforms. The distinctions no longer make sense now that we're seeing every retail game getting a simultaneous digital release.

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XBGS platform should not be applied to any Xbox One games. It is only meant to be used for Xbox 360. Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U do not have dedicated distal distribution platforms on the site. We're moving in a different direction.