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One of the snazzy new features on the redesigned site is the ability to set Header Images for wiki pages. To set one yourself, you'll need to have earned at least 1000 wiki points on the page your setting the Header Image for. If you don't have the required amount of wiki points, then use this thread to request a Header Image for a page. In your request make sure:

  • The Header Image you want is in the page's image gallery.
  • You link to the image.

Testing a Header Image

In the case that you are not a mod, staff member, or wiki prodigy with 1000+ points on a page, selecting a good header image can be difficult because you can't easily experiment directly on the page to test how an image looks. In order to get around this, we've put together a tool that will allow you to experiment without those restrictions.

To try it out just head over to the Header Image Tester.

Selecting a Good Header Image

The image should work for both desktop monitors and mobile device screens. The interesting portion of the image should be centered vertically, portions at the top and bottom of the image may be cut off.

On older games with lower resolution screenshots, it may be better to resize the image yourself to a higher resolution to prevent major blurring. On pixel based games, resizing images using a "Nearest Neighbor" resampling should keep edges sharp and prevent blurring.

The minimum recommended dimensions are 1280 x 533. Images smaller than this may be resized and cropped in undesirable ways.

A good example is the Far Cry 3 page (image used) as the focus of the Header Image is prominent whatever the screen size.

Some other general style rules, though these are less enforced:

  • No title screens, or logos, or anything that displays the title of the game. Keep in mind that the background will appear behind the title of the game, as it appears at the top of the wiki page. Title screen art with the title digitally removed (some emulators allow you to remove layers) is acceptable.
  • Do not use the same artwork that is on the box art used for the page's "default image". That's like some weird recursion nonsense.
  • Make sure the image doesn't have any unusual filters on it, like the "retro" scanlines filter that is sometimes added as an option for modern Arcade/Genesis ports.

How to Add a Header Image

For those of you that do have 1000+ wiki points on a particular page, you can set the header image by going to the wiki page's image gallery, clicking the "Edit Tags" button at the top, clicking the image you would like to use as the header, and then clicking the "Make BG" button in the edit dialog. After that, the page should automatically refresh and display the new header.

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Is there any preferred style guide to header images? I'm assuming it doesn't really matter if its a screenshot, concept art, promo images, etc?

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@dungbootle said:

I don't like pages using fan-art, so can we change the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 header to, say, this?

Done. It looks great on mobile, but unfortunately you can see only the tops of some characters' heads on a destop browser.

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Man, didn't realize the requirements were so stringent for adding headers.

Well, I was going to add a header to the Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed page, since that QL just went up, but since I can't, I'll put a request here.

I think either this image or this image would work well.

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When you get the chance I think this would make a good header for the Asteroids page. Keepin' it simple, no?

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How do you actually change a Header image? I have a few pages I've earned 1000 points on, but there's no option to change it, either in the game's wiki page or on its image pages.

/Edit: Wait, does it have to be an image you've uploaded yourself?

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@mento said:

How do you actually change a Header image? I have a few pages I've earned 1000 points on, but there's no option to change it, either in the game's wiki page or on its image pages.

/Edit: Wait, does it have to be an image you've uploaded yourself?

I would also like to know since I have a page with 1000 points and would like to add a header. I could not see the option when I tried.

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@mento: It can be any image. In the page's gallery, click 'Edit tags', pick an image and then click 'Make bg'.

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@dungbootle: Ah, thank you! Didn't think they'd hide it in there, kind of unintuitive (but hey, some folk found it easily enough, so I guess it's more that I'm an idiot).

So that makes me wonder what that large empty box to the right of the image viewer is for, if not for changing the background image or box art image. Mod stuff?

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@mento: I *think* that's where comments go, but they aren't showing up. Edit: Nevermind, they are. But it looks like all comments from before the new site are gone.

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Well it seems Don't Starve hasn't been shown some love yet. Can we get this image as the header?:


Here's a link to the page:


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@walkerd: Done.

@sexytoad: Done, but preferably you should point us in the direction of an image already on the site. If there's one you want to use that isn't already in the gallery, upload it.

@dungbootle: Is that official art or fan art? I'm personally a little opposed to the use of fan art as header images.

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This for the Space Invaders page.

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@chaser324: It is official art. I'm opposed to it too.

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Sorry Chaser, I was going to do some editing on some pages to get over 5,000 points so I can do this stuff myself, but I'm not home yet. I'll be sure to remember next time.

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@brendanpatrickhennessy: That one doesn't really work all that well. All of the interesting stuff in that image is at the top and the bottom instead of the center. I picked a different image that I think works a bit better.

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@chaser324: Dude if you're gonna straight up deny people's requests and use whatever you want then why bother? I mean, you have that priviledge, but still. Also remember that the part the header focuses on depends on the viewer's screen resolution, it's gonna look different for everyone. It's just my opinion but what they suggested would have looked fine.

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@dungbootle: The header image is centered regardless of resolution, but you are correct that the amount of the image visible is dependent on screen size.

If what I said came off as contentious I apologize. I didn't mean to sound like I was denying the request simply based on my own whim. I set that image to be the BG, and I didn't feel it worked extremely well except at very narrow resolutions. In addition to the center not really being the focus of the image, it's also a fairly low resolution image which leads to a lot of blurring at higher resolutions. Being that there were many other images available, I decided to try something else that I thought would work better.

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@crazyleaves: @animasta: Done, but try to have the image added to the page's gallery next time (could be a server stability thing making it difficult for you now...not sure).

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I think http://static.giantbomb.com/uploads/original/0/5224/469025-et.png will work for http://www.giantbomb.com/et-the-extra-terrestrial/3030-21595/

Sorry for the links. I'm on mobile right now.

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Maybe this isn't the place to voice frustrations, but it seems to me that with less popular games, getting to 1000 points is not possible. There just isn't enough information or interest out there to get to 1000 without significantly gaming the system. This dooms a lot of games to just not have banners or give 99% of work with the headers on the wiki to the staff and moderators such as yourself Chaser324 (good work, by the way).

I just don't see it as an efficient way of handling this. Maybe the header system was supposed to be only utilized on pages that were frequently updated and edited, as some sort of reward and goal for expanding on lesser known wiki pages, but then this thread is just circumventing that goal/reward system entirely.

That being said, this is how the system is currently and I'll make a few suggestions while I'm at it.

This Image - Trails in the Sky
This Image - Disgaea D2

This Image - Dragon Quarter

This Image - Mercenary Kings
This Image - Unchained Blades


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Thanks to whoever edited my first post with an image and additional info.

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@def: OK. I think those are all good to go (server was giving me fits trying to set them). I did go with a different image on RE: Revelations though. I had to experiment with a lot of them to find one that wasn't so dark that I couldn't see anything. Let me know if you've got a problem with the one I chose.

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@demoskinos:@dungbootle: @def:

In order to allow guys like you to more easily experiment and find the best header images, I've put together a test page that should hopefully help.

Try it out, and let me know if it's broken or if there's anything I can do to improve it. I put it together during an insomnia filled night, so it's entirely possible that it has problems.

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