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I'm curious if there's any thing currently in place or that could be implemented to handle multiple releases of a single title. For example, if you look up all Xbox One games, sort by release, you'll see a bunch of games that are not released for Xbox One that show a release date as early as 2013, even before the release of the console. The reason is that these games are being re-released on separate consoles significantly after their first release on previous platforms.

Should these releases be split up into multiple pages? Or is there a better way in the system currently? Could we implement a system that has per-platform release dates? Even without re-releases on new consoles, we still see some games coming out at different times on different platforms because of marketing deals or technical reasons.

I've been trying to go through and look at current gen games to weigh my options between the consoles as a friend and I are planning on buying consoles together in the next month and we have to decide which console we get first. It's a pain when a lot of the games that are interesting to me (older games I never got around to but would want to play on a new console, with my buddy) are impossible to find the release date on the platform I'm interested in. Many don't even list the release date in the wiki article, let alone in the data.

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