The New Wiki Editing Interface is Live!

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Hey all, we just released the new wiki editing interface!

It should be a much quicker than the old interface, and some large pages that were previously un-editable should now also work. We will continue to address feedback and improve the site, in fact it will be much easier to fix bugs and add new features now that we're on a much newer platform.

If you have any general feedback please post it in this thread.

If you find any bugs please post them in this bug reporting thread:

We will address any bugs as quickly as we can.

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#2 Posted by bobafettjm (2342 posts) -

Looking forward to really diving in to this!

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\o/ Woo. I finally made an edit on the long-uneditable PC page. Looks like some good improvements (especially the Bomb-man loading icon).

Edit: Oh, all of my previous wiki-editing history is gone. I suppose that was inevitable...

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#5 Posted by Nes (315 posts) -

I dig it.

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#6 Posted by FLStyle (6726 posts) -

Tried it out, was pretty good, will start wiki editing again.

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#7 Posted by imhungry (1151 posts) -

Gave it a look and I'm very excited. Will get to work over the weekend. Thanks for the hard work!

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Just a quick suggestion - can we get a "show all" option when you click edit on a wiki page? Because on some articles, it's a lot of pages to click through to see if a game is on the list... i.e. this.

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I'm very excited. cannot wait!

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#10 Posted by Nintenella (3 posts) -

discovered this site because of the Game Vault app, and I'm so excited to colaborate!

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I might have missed an announcement on this but is there a reason why we aren't getting points for our wiki-editing lately? Just curious.

EDIT: Oh, seem to have gotten through now!

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#16 Posted by hunterob (288 posts) -

I'm confused as to why changes saved are no longer immediate with all the wiki points I have now. Took a while to accumulate that many for this reason, and not sure what the point of wiki points are anymore without that whole system. (Assuming this is intentional)