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For years, my Giant Bomb account was inaccessible to me. I could either not log in or it spat me out to a duplicate account that the switch from Whiskey Media forced me to create. The most important reason for me to finally kick my anxiety aside long enough to bother Rorie to see about fixing it, after years and years of waiting, was that I enjoyed filling out Wiki entries for games other people didn't want to bother doing. My precious points were on the line!

Today marks the day I can announce my triumphantsuccessful functional return to Wiki edits. I've crossed the barrier of 5000 points, which I believe allows me to enter even more obscure data, without having to go through checks. So, here's a look at the hours I've been fiddling away with words, trying to collect data about obscure games about three people will ever look up. At least, whenever the edits weren't just for my own pleasure, of course.

Here are some of the games I've immortalized on these last few weeks:

1. Slayer Shock

Slayer Shock has the cool S; who doesn't love that?
Slayer Shock has the cool S; who doesn't love that?

Do you want to relive Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but with more of the stealth action loop of old Thief games? This mission-based game, made by the creator of the excellent Eldritch, is the game for you. It goes as far as splitting its loops in episodes and seasons. This was sort of the catalyst for returning to entries, as I'd seen the creator David Pittman bemoan on Twitter that this game never took off, despite being a pet project. I tried it; it's alright. That's a glowing recommendation if there ever was one.

2. Foto Flash

You play it for the plot.
You play it for the plot.

Weirdly enough, this is a game I haven't played yet. Rather, it sits installed in my Steam folder for ages now, because it looks exactly like the sort of game I'd be interested in checking out. I already know everything there is to know about the game. An RPG Maker-looking game that has an interesting story loop and is more condensed as a gameplay experience, without it just becoming a visual novel instead? Not since Always Sometimes Monsters have I been this intrigued. Plus it's super sexy, since the game is about taking naughty pictures, so that's probably something you'd like to keep a close eye on.

3. Pandemic Express

Keep an eye on this one if you enjoy your L4D's and things.
Keep an eye on this one if you enjoy your L4D's and things.

A game currently in full development, with a closed Alpha and a few playtests out there that you might want to see about hopping into, Pandemic is the Zombie Mode in PUBG turned into a full-fledged game. Additionally, the game's aesthetic strikes a neat balance between eerie and cutesy. Publisher tinyBuild is handling this one, which some might consider pedigree. I really think this game could turn out to be something a lot of people could enjoy, but it has limited time to get there and I can't currently recommend it, since it doesn't have custom controls. My hecking left hands have to make pretzels to play it. Hey, developers: In our current year, release your public builds with custom controls as a standard. Thanks.

Fun fact: I wasn't actually awarded my 300+ Wiki points for this one, since the lump got approved along with adding one 2-point addition. This is why crossing that 5000 points barrier is important.

4. Ultra Space Battle Brawl

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What if Pong was also kinda Street Fighter II? This is an arcade game that grabs a lot of material from inspired video games and smashes them up. Get it? Smash? It's a thing. The game turned out okay. It's a tiny game, but its elements of 1v1 fights and Ultra attacks is pretty sound and the pixel art is crisp and colorful. There might even be a bit of Windjammers in there.


My Radical Heights shrine is now complete.
My Radical Heights shrine is now complete.

If I never do another Wiki edit in my life, let this be my masterpiece. This was the one I put the most effort and love into. I love Radical Heights and it was my Game of the Year (GOTY) 2018, which got robbed of its points in the Community voting! I could never live that down, without at least trying to restore some glory to this perfectly schlock-y battle royale.

I love Radical Heights. I live Radical Heights!

Bring back Radical Heights!

These weren't necessarily the only Wiki edits I've done recently, just the largest ones. I've added a few bits and pieces, but also stopped myself a few times, as I could see the copy editor in me creep up again. Bear with me as I try to improve in my editing skills, in terms of formatting and whatnot. I'll try not to go slap people on the wrist for 'doing it wrong'. The important part is having fun and enjoying our time together? Something like that.

Until next time, internet preservationists.

...Play Radical Heights.

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I just wanted to say awesome job on the wiki! These days especially I get excited when I see others putting in some work on the wiki. Keep it up!

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@bobafettjm: Thank you! I'm trying to give some of these more barren pages some love ^^