Destiny 2 free for PC on until Nov 18 (Full Game, Not Free Weekend)

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Blizzard/Bungie is gifting Destiny 2 for PC until Nov 18th. It is free to claim here.

If you don't have a account and need to sign up today or at a later date, you'll have to enable SMS authentication.

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Goddamn it! I literally just bought the PC version yesterday

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Hey! Thanks for posting this. I really got into the PS4 version when it went Plus a month ago but a friend of mine only plays this version so cool there is no price barrier now. I guess I'll play a different class this time.

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This reminds me that I forgot to download it when it was free on PS+. Oh well. This still doesn't fix the issue of their DLC being overpriced.

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@ungodly: Oof, tough break.

Yeah alright, I'll play this again on PC. Always curious how it handles with a mouse and keyboard.

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@theht: Thinking about it. I got the collection, which is all of the current DLC.

So I still got the main game on the cheap.

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@ungodly: Contact support, it's not unusual to get a refund in a situation like this.

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I wanna try it, but is turning off subtitles and muting voice acting going to impact my ability to get through the game? Like, are there clear objective indicators and are they enough to know what to do at any given time? I've watched plenty of videos of this game and I really don't want to deal with the horrid cringe inducing dialogue writing, but the gameplay seems fun.

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@zeik: Yeah, cause they fixed that issue back on October 16th when then changed all Forsaken copies to include all the DLC (Curse of Osiris and Warmind)... Destiny 2 is the cheapest it's ever been to get into the franchise (especially with the base game going free on both PC and PS4 the past few months), with the best content release they've ever had. I'm not sure what there is to complain about here. For $40, Forsaken is one of the most content rich, if not the most, of all AAA releases in 2018. It honestly added and changed more things than the actual release of Destiny 2 (and far more of those changes were accepted in a positive light). If the complaint is about the Annual Pass, that is coming with 3 DLC launches over the next year and 3 free seasonal updates for players that don't purchase it. $35 is pretty standard for a DLC pass, and the Forsaken Annual Pass is going to come with more content than any pass of any game I can remember of the past few years.

I totally get knocking Bungie for things they are doing wrong, albeit that is very little right now outside of basic balance issues, but their handling lately of Price and DLC has been extremely good, and actually verging on over generousness. This year looks to fix the content pipeline problem of previous years, which in my opinion was a much bigger problem than DLC prices since Y1 of D1. In all honestly, Forsaken is the best place the Destiny franchise has ever been in on all accounts. I think a lot of the community is very excited for Black Armory and it's going to be hard for it to not earn it's keep at only $10 (I and many others only paid $70 for Forsaken + Annual Pass). I also hope that this free base Destiny 2 thing works for them and gets more people into Forsaken. It's a win win for everyone involved, especially the playerbase.

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@hestilllives19: It just sounds like exactly what they did with Destiny 1. Release a bunch of underwhelming and overpriced DLC then try and bundle it all together later with another bigger but still overpriced expansion. I bought The Taken King for like $15 with all the DLC included and I had some fun with it, but it definitely wasn't worth $40, even with the other DLC included. Nothing I've heard about D2's DLC suggests it's a huge leap in quality over that to justify its price tag.

Their smaller DLC should honestly just be free (or like $5 at best), to keep some content flowing and players interested, and then maybe like $20-25 for their bigger expansions. (Although I'd be a little more willing to pay $40 for their expansions if their other content updates were in fact free.) Otherwise they need to do more to justify their prices. Compared to the average MMO expansion at similar prices their expansions are just underwhelming. (And making them basically obligatory purchases mean you can't just ignore them if you want to keep playing.)

Obviously this is all subjective. I'm sure there are people out there that find their DLC worth the cost. But I do not. Their DLC policies killed Destiny 1 for me more than anything else, and seeing them basically repeat the same exact mistakes over again is very disappointing.

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Wow free huh.... the gradual but apparent decline in the cost of onboarding for this game seems very desperate... this is very tempting but honestly there are like 10 new good FPS Games on PC I’d rather invest my time into...

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This is pretty neat. I'm not the kind of person that wants to stay up to date with this game and go through all the emotions with Bungie, but i heard that base destiny 2 is quite enjoyable on it's own.

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Maybe I'll install just to see if it runs well on my computer.

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I've been on PC for a while and it runs very well. I ran three characters through the main story, but drifted away after the disappointing DLC. I came back for the expansion and have been enjoying it a lot. I was wondering why there was a sudden influx of low level characters running around again. In these types of games, you eventually reach a point where all you see are players at the level cap, I remember the same thing when I was hard into WOW. Anyway, shoot stuff, blow stuff up, have a good time then move on to something else when you get bored. That's the best way to play the game.

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For anyone wondering if it will run OK on your system, I am running a very old AMD Radeon HD 6850 and it runs great. I am surprised at how well it is running on my aging machine.

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Without having played Destiny 1 and just jumping into this free availability, my first impression after about 3 hours is people got to the late game of this game being driven by buyers remorse.

The introduction to this game is absolutely god awful, the writing is abysmal, the missions are incredibly mundane and it doesn't even look that great. The only thing it has going for it so far is the movement and shooting feels solid.

I'm going to slowly chip away at it to see the parts that people proclaim are good, hopefully I don't just decide to uninstall it before that happens.

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@ivdamke said:

the writing is abysmal, the missions are incredibly mundane and it doesn't even look that great. The only thing it has going for it so far is the movement and shooting feels solid.

Welcome to Destiny =)

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@ungodly: contact their customer support, i heard they're pretty understanding.

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@ivdamke: I'm having not-too-terrible time with it, but yeah it could do a better job onboarding new players. Took me a while to figure out how to start the story missions, even (holding down the back button on a controller is not really naturally discoverable). Feels like a bunch of tutorial texts that should be there are missing.

My overall impression is that it is basically an FPS equivalent of Dynasty Warriors (not in a disparaging way).

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Are they that desperate to have people buy the new DLC? What else is the reason for this move?


My overall impression is that it is basically an FPS equivalent of Dynasty Warriors (not in a disparaging way).


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@monkeymitcho: @hnke: It’s alright, I went in to it wanting to spend the money, and had the money to spend. It’s just one of those “Well shit”, kind of things.

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Cool, thanks for the heads up. I wonder if the game is doing well? Doesn't seem like blizzard/activision to give anything away for free.

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Good. Get it on a second account for possible spouse play whenever I build a new computer, hopefully in next 6 months. Not like I played my humble monthly copy when I got it either.

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@ibmer: Destiny 2 had 1.7m unique user logins yesterday alone (I wish Bungie's API tracked unique weekly logins, because I and many others wouldn't be counted for yesterday since we didn't log in, so I'd say that number is likely double that at least per week), so the userbase is doing pretty well considering we are 8 weeks after release of Forsaken. I'm pretty sure it's got a healthier userbase than Destiny 2 actually had around this same time last year, but I'd have to try and find stats on userbase activity around that time and I'm to lazy too right now. One of the great things about Destiny's API being Open is that stuff like that can be tracked by non Bungie websites. Anyway, I think the bigger concern, and why they did this on PC is that while PS4 and to a lesser degree Xbox communities are still very active, the userbase on PC is just too small and they want it to grow to justify having put it out on PC. Last time I looked userbase stats were around 60% PS4, 35% Xbox One, and 5% PC. I think PC is only sitting at around 400-600k in userbase, so I'm assuming the idea is that giving it away free can boost that up to around 800-1m or more, and sell Forsaken for $40 to a certain % of those players, which would basically be free money to them. If they only sell through about 20%, that's a free $1.6m in sales they didn't have to really do anything for, and players they never would have likely sold the game to.

@zeik: I'm not really sure how to argue against that except to say that I'm sure my lawn customers would love it if my business would come by and mow for $5 every week too. But neither of those things will ever happen. Bungie has over 1,000 people (they had over 750 in 2016 and that number was growing, and that wouldn't include the entire 2 other Studios that work on Destiny of High Moon, 100 Employees, and Vicarious Visions, 200+) working on Destiny, and to expect them to work year around on a project for next like that, for that little, is pure nonsense. They need at least $100-$125 million annually just to clear salaries, and $40 x 5m sales only adds up to $200m. So in all likelihood, they are barely meeting what is necessary to keep the doors of the studio open at $40, and only making a profit on the Annual Pass and Micro-transactions, and only really making money on years when a full sequel is launched since sales are higher. From a gamer's perspective would I love it if they just gave away every game for free or 1/2 price, sure, but as a Business Owner I tend to look at things from that perspective before rushing to judgement on things like DLC prices. And I personally want Destiny to succeed because I enjoy it as a product, and to me it's earned it's pricetag for a very long time. I'd say Curse of Osiris and Dark Below are probably the only 2 Destiny releases ever to not earn their pricetag. Will Black Armory fall in to that category, I don't know, but I doubt it. Destiny 2 was in a really bad place about this time last year, and it's now in probably the best shape the franchise has ever been. I think it's going to be much harder to disappoint the fanbase right now, and with what we already know is included in Black Armory it's unlikely.

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Never played Destiny nor was I ever interested and I wasn't expecting much going in to this. But I gotta say, after playing a few hours with some friends, I'm having a blast just mindlessly shooting things. The shooting is very tight, the graphics and environments look awesome and it runs great too. I've got nothing bad to say seeing how my friends and I got this gratis. The one thing that is annoying is you can only have 3 people on a fireteam so either someone leaves or the team splits. Not playing this for story or anything really except for some good shooting with friends.

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@hestilllives19: Then maybe they need to change their business model and priorities. Obviously they need to pay their employees, but having lots of employees to pay is not an excuse to release unsatisfying and overpriced DLC. There are plenty of games out there that release DLC on par or better than the average Destiny DLC for a fraction of the price (even free in some cases), so it's not like I'm asking for the moon.

I don't know, maybe some people have enough money to burn that it's not an issue, but from my perspective the Destiny experience is not worth 2-3 times as much as other games. There are so many other good games these days and they aren't doing anything to justify such a premium.

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It's almost as if I should have waited a year.

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played for 45 minutes, i'm so glad I didn't spend money on this. It must be one hell of a rush with a group cuz bleh.

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I mean, I don't think any leveling/loot game is just -the shit- 45 minutes in.

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Got it for free on PS4 and ended up really enjoying playing it coop with a friend despite us both not enjoying Destiny 1 at all, so we both bought the 1+2 DLC (2 days before it went free RIP), and we enjoyed that enough to buy Forsaken.

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@zeik: What unsatisfying and and overpriced DLC though? Dark Below's story content was awful and it contained the weakest Raid to date IMO with Crota's End, but House of Wolves was rather good and contained one of the most iconic Activities ever introduced for Destiny with Trials of Osiris. That DLC literally put Destiny's PvP on the map for everyone, especially on Twitch where it didn't leave the top 10 for over 2.5 years afterwards. For many, The Taken King is the pinnacle of Destiny 1, so to say it was very good is a drastic understatement. Rise of Iron had arguable the best Raid in Destiny's history coupled with the most iconic hidden quest they've ever put into the franchise. Most would say Rise of Iron (until the removal of Special ammo) was the best PvP ever was. Destiny 2 was such a strange release because it was lauded by critics, but bashed by the most committed players, included those on Twitch who fled from the game like it was on fire. But that's a full release so I guess we aren't really talking about it (but my honest opinion is base Destiny 2 was far less worth the asking price than Taken King, Rise of Iron, or especially Forsaken). Then we have our 2nd dud, Curse of Osiris, which landed at a time where everyone was pissed at the game already, and it dropped with both a subpar Campaign and Zone. Though I do consider Eater of World's one of the best Raids in the Destiny Franchise, so it wasn't all bad, but the Infinite Forrest was not up to the expectations that they set out for players in previews (though I will say it's use in the current Festival of the Lost event is rather good). Then came Warmind, with an admittedly bad story, but a solid Raid (be it one with a bit too tight of timings towards the end), a lot of great hidden Quests, and probably the best wave based event in franchise history with Escalation Protocol. Make no mistake, this was a very good DLC that rejuvenated the playerbase back behind Destiny before Forsaken.

Then we have Forsaken. A DLC that launched with, according to most, either the best Campaign or the best since The Taken King in franchise history. 2 entire Patrol Zones, one of which is easily the best zone in Franchise history that is littered with End Game secrets, puzzles, and hidden mysteries... The Dreaming City. Which also manages to be tied to an entire Post Game Campaign, one of the best Raids in the Franchise (I'd rank it 3rd behind Wrath and Vault), a hidden Dungeon (a new 3 player Raid Activity), a brand new PvEvP mode with Gambit, and new Activities that rotated for the first 6 weeks and are now on 3 and 6 week cycles simultaneously. All of this combined with 9 new Subclasses and some of the best tweaks and updates to the live game in franchise history. There is a reason why people are excited about Destiny again. Forsaken isn't the best DLC this year, it's one of the best AAA releases, and considering it's $20 cheaper than those full releases, it's a rather great deal. Only God of War, AC: Odyssey, and Red Dead Redemption 2 have a chance to wind up higher on my Game of the Year list for 2018 than Forsaken. And at 300 or so hours, I feel like my $40 was well spent. I will agree that 2/7 of their DLC's have been bad and didn't earn their value very well, but that being said, most players still put in 20-30 hours into each of those... for $15, so that's all a bit subjective. Another 2/7 (House of Wolves/Warmind) were just really solid, but they weren't suppose to be much more than that since they were $15 DLC's. All 3 major DLC though, have been incredibly good, and all 3 have contained some of the best content in franchise history. In all honesty, rather than DLC's, I'd say the base releases of Destiny and Destiny 2 were the real lackluster launches, and who's value has been much more of a grey area.

Note: Over the course of the past 4 years and 2 months, I've gotten more value out of the money I've spent on Destiny than I did out of MoviePass, and I feel like I straight robbed from them seeing 70+ movies in 2018...

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If you're interested but feel like you won't have anyone to play with, this is a great collection of all the clans and group stuff focused on Giant Bomb folks, and this is an easy link to the discord channel. I can't speak for everyone, but the folks over at Taswell Corps would be happy to group up and chat, so feel free to hop in our channel. If nothing else, its a good reason to see old content we haven't seen much of since doing it the first time, and its always nice to add new folks to our pool of people to shoot space dudes with. Hope to see you there!

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Amazing! Thank you so much for posting this.

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OMG, I've been hearing so much about Destiny and people, review sites keep threating it like a real game, when it is in fact a smelly MMO. It might as well be a mobile game with the daily and weekly timers, with the pressure and FOMO these games put on the player. Grind, loot, numbers going up, collection/completion based progression it is exactly like a free-to-play MMO, except there isn't a fixed Global Chat window, yet, subtlety telling you to buy stuff in short, random intervals.

The stuff we heard about "good" Bungie shooting, is moot if you have to swap guns all the time. What's more - enemy fodder spawning everywhere removes much of the tactical gameplay.

The seamless matchmaking is neat, and casual. But certainly clans and raids will probably turn this game into more of an obligation. GB did it's own Raid experiment and it was a nightmare...

It's neat that they have streamlined quests with basically just stuff spawning and a TV actor shouting in your ear, nobody wants to follow an NPC around, but honestly Borderlands 2 felt like 10 times the game this, when it comes to size, effort, variety and execution.

Reviewers need to treat this shit seriously, with the appropriate addiction and exploitation (It's a trap!) warnings, meaning that you can't stop an adult from seeking out this stuff, but actually nobody ever should play or try this.