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Downloading now, Oct 24th is the official PC release but maybe we'll get it a bit early.

Blizzard launcher ID: Lowe#11650

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Cool, thanks for the heads up.

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I'm curious to hear how the PC community will adopt this game. It seems Reddit hates D2, while general reception seems to be pretty positive.

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I wanted to jump in after looking a the nonsense that was Destiny 1 from afar.

Anyone got a lowdown on what the issues that people are having with this game?

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@owack6: The general consensus seems to be (and it's exactly how I feel) that it's a really solid PvE game for about the first 100 hours which should likely include quite a bit of End Game activities and maybe even multiple characters. After that time period, the game quickly runs out of things to do though, and leaves you with little reason to continue playing. This isn't an issue for most, but some of us who put in thousands of hours into D1, are a bit annoyed that there is nothing to do anymore (like I said, not an issue for most). The PvP is really controversial, some people love it, some people are fine with it, but many (like myself) hate the turn the game has made. By slowing down ability usage and Power, and relegating all 1 hit kill weapons to the Power slot and only allowing 2 of the 8 players to really have Power Ammo at any given time, they taken a lot of the fun from the PvP arena that was Destiny. It also doesn't help that they slowed both Movement abilities and TTK down quite a bit, forcing and encouraging roaming balls of players to just run around maps together. It's a very technical game compared to D1, which has also made it rather boring in comparison. That said, going into Trials of Osiris with a team of 4 and winning is a really great feeling, and losing, pretty much the opposite. I think it's a pretty solid game if you are only looking to fill 100-200 hours with it.

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I have preloaded, now all I have to do is wait out the buyers remorse. I bought this on whim, with a discount. I kind of had very little interest in it in the lead up, but hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised. I never played the 1st one, also don't really like Bungies games as a rule.... ok I may have made a mistake here, but hope springs eternal.

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Anyone know what the download size is for the pre-load?

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@owack6 said:

I wanted to jump in after looking a the nonsense that was Destiny 1 from afar.

Anyone got a lowdown on what the issues that people are having with this game?

Not necessarily what I think but aggregated from YouTubers and Reddit:

  • Non-existent endgame, nothing to work towards
  • Too well balanced, taking fun out of the game
  • Too tactical PvP as opposed to space power fantasy
  • Too many RNG dependent systems
  • Easy to obtain gear makes it meaningless to earn
  • Too few weapons and/or fixed weapon rolls make subsequent drops meaninglesss
  • Armor is largely meaningless without unique perks
  • No incentive to do any activity after a certain point

To sum up, the game gives you gear quickly and people want to continuously get drops that might be better than what they already have, but that isn't possible since every drop is identical to what you have at a certain point.

For example, in Destiny 1, armor had stats assigned to them that randomly varied in the amount they yielded. Armor had unique perks such as 'take decreased damage from void attacks' and also 'increased ammo capacity for Rocket Launchers'. So if your playstyle was using Rocket Launchers and you wanted your grenade and Super to have decreased cooldowns, you could theoretically endlessly grind for the perfect armor for that. Since you wanted stats that decreased your Super and Grenade energy, but you might get Grenade and Melee reduction instead. Then when you finally get Super and Grenade energy it might be a low amount that it decreases so you could keep grinding to get armor that had more cooldown reduction on those. Then when you finally get that, it might have increased ammo capacity for Machine Guns while you use Rocket Launchers, so you can keep grinding still.

Take into account you wore 5/6 armor pieces that all had individual stats and perks, and you realistically would never obtain perfect armor so you always had a chance to get something better than what you already have, not even taking into account that you might want a specific armor aesthetic. This was met with heavy criticism from the community because, yes, realistically you never get something that completely works. I have 1700 hours in D1 and never owned a perfect armor set.

So in Destiny 2, they simplified it and there are no longer armor perks, just the stats. And the stats are always the same number so you can't be fucked over by poor RNG. However, this means that after you obtain armor with the two stats you want (out of three total so it's easy to get something optimal) you're done with armor forever. No chance to get something better, every single armor drop will be identically effective to what you already have.

This philosophy is applied to all of D2's loot across the board. Everything is fixed now so RNG cannot fuck you over, if you get something you have that thing. It won't be less good than anyone else's and it won't be better either. I personally really like this for weapons because as I've said I have 1700 hours into D1 and I literally lost firefights because someone else had a better weapon that I couldn't get in that time. The community likes this less though, they want that random stuff back, which I think is an awful idea but there you go.

Basically, Bungie went the opposite direction a step too far. Whereas you could never get the stuff you wanted in D1, you now have it within the first 100-200 hours or so, depending on how many characters you play and what you want. I agree that there still should be some small stuff to work towards. I personally found that in armor modifications since I want 6 sets on each character, but other people might not care about that so they feel like they have no reason to play.

For the record, I agree there should be more stuff to work towards, but I disagree with pretty much everything else. I still find reasons to play, I think the PvP is better than it has ever been in D1, I think fixed weapon perks are far, far better than random nonsense though they could do with having a lot more weapons in here (I suspect the people disliking this aspect had god-roll weapons in D1 where I never got those).

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I canceled my preorder. I was pretty excited for Destiny 2 since I don't own consoles and never got to play the first game. Over the last month or so, all but one or two of my friends have also canceled their preorders, or they caved and bought the game on PS4 and most of them are now already done with it forever. These are people who played Destiny for years and were excited for months and months leading up to the release of Destiny 2. The comments from most of them on Destiny 2 are pretty standard - the loot is boring, they are out of things to do with little reason left to log in and play, the game doesn't feel as good as it's predecessor in PVP, the raid was bad, not enough strikes, etc.

One of the things that has really turned me off is how they seemed to have oversimplified loot drops. As a long-time Diablo 3 player, a lot of what has kept me interested in that game over the years is the loot grind. There is always something to work towards, whether that is a few extra percentage points of stats on a piece of gear, upgrading gems, new free Seasonal challenges, or whatever. It's probably my own fault that I have always had this idea in my head that Destiny was like Diablo, but a shooter. I understand that some people may want simple gear drops where once you get a thing then you have the same piece of gear as everyone else, but that's not what I wanted out of Destiny. Coupled with the fact that I am not at all interested in this style of PVP, as time went by the decision to pass on Destiny 2 became easier and easier.

At first I was disappointed when learning that the PC release of Destiny 2 was delayed by so long. Now, I figure it probably saved me $60. I might end up getting the game at some point in the future if a Taken King style package is released and it bundles DLC together for a cheaper price, but for right now, I'm skipping this game.

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I was on the fence about this since the original game bummed me out, and now know i will pass on it(maybe once all the dlc and main game are out and discounted). Just doesn't seem worth the money right now.

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As i recall D1 didn't have that much to do endgame either. You had the raids and that was it tbh. That being said i'm still pretty siked about D2 coming to PC, i played a lot of the first on the ps4 i had then. But i'm really looking forward to the pc version now. I love me some senseless shooting and grinding. 100-200 hours in the base D2 game seems pretty ok imo. People still mix this up with an mmo, wich it is not.

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Despite some negative opinions I grabbed it anyways. I figure I'll enjoy it as a podcast game if nothing else

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I figured I'd put this here since I know a lot of you probably don't check the TWAB.

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Got it preloaded, but doesn’t go live until 6pm GMT, so not sure if I’ll be able to get on tonight, and if I do, it’ll be an hour or so at max.