So, is THIS game any good for a solo player?

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Edit - Hey, just to be clear so you're not like 'Oh, darn! This is nine months old!' after you post, I wanted to say that yes, I am bumping this because I am curious again. I have an Xbox One X, and in wanting to play more games on it, I was thinking about this game again as it's enhanced on it.


How are the story and the exploration aspects? Those two things were the big issues of the first. There wasn't a lot to explore, and the 'story' was lacking. I played Destiny's story and was done. I had asked whether the many updates and DLC's made it worth purchasing the DLC, but around that time many had said it's not really worth getting still, so my experience of Destiny as a whole was the beta and the final release of just the story. What should a person going in solo expect? How many hours is the story, and is there anything of interest beyond that, that has nothing to do with playing with others in some mode? I just want to be immersed in a sci-fi world with likable characters and an intriguing enough story. I'm sure the gameplay is fine just like the first games.

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Listening to the Bombcast right now, and I'm kind of getting my answer. The answer is no, at least for someone already skeptical.

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It's kind of a step-forward, step-back kind of thing.

In terms of the story having a beginning, middle, and end and getting there in an intelligible A-->B-->C fashion, Destiny 2 is worlds better than the first one. Having said that, I think it's actually a major step back in terms of universe building. There are no grimoire cards, just "lore" pages attached to Exotics and subclasses, none of which have any of the flavor and depth of the stuff from the first game. How you feel about that probably depends on how into the first game's backstory you are. I personally find it disappointing because I was one of those wierdos who was super into the grimoire cards and really liked a lot of what the writing in them implied. If you are a newcomer or just bounced off the story from Destiny 1, you'll probably find this a lot better.

The story itself very much Bungie Story Type A: Alien Menace Wants to Kill Everyone (sun-destroying superweapon subtype), utilizing Generic Stock Villain Type B: Evil Alien Overlord (space rhino family, Darth Vader mask subtype) and Wisecracking Companions Type C (multiple pithy robots subtype) set to a Swelling Orchestral Score (horns and drums subtype). Basically what I'm saying is don't expect Shakespeare.

In terms of content, I just got through most of the stuff on a Warlock. That includes all the single-player story, all of the "Adventures" and the post-games quests, plus some Crucible and the Strikes that allow for matchmaking. I haven't done the Nightfall or the Raid as of yet. All told, I got probably a good 30-35 hours out of a one-character playthrough. How enjoyable you will find that time depends on how much you like wisecracking AIs. By my count there are at least 3, and possible 4, depending on how you count those characters.

TL:DL - How much do you like joking robots?

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It's really, really boring without people to play with. I'm sure I'll be the voice of contention here, but it's the truth (okay opinion, whatever).

You'll get a few decent shooting missions...killing the same types of enemies over and over. Sure, I'll give this game credit for at least attempting to have variation and context, but it's not good enough. Guns types generally feel the same; one hand cannon isn't necessarily different from another besides slight variations.

You'll be greeted with a big loot treadmill with nobody to share it with and you'd be missing out on the raid and nightfalls, which do offer the best experiences in the game.

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I recommend you rent the game from Redbox if that's possible. I rented it and ended up buying it an I'm doing only single player.

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If the shooting isn't enough for you, and the strikes aren't enough for you, and public events aren't enough for you, then probably not.

I played through Destiny 1 solo (both on the PS3 and the PS4) and enjoyed it both times, but grouping with randos was (and is) 100% fine by me.

If you're looking for a truly solo experience though (just story and adventures, absolutely no multiplayer), then it'd really only come down to whether you enjoy the shooting, because the narrative isn't especially stellar. There's more of it than in Destiny 1, I'll give it that. I'd say I get more enjoyment from simply exploring the open areas and finding Lost Sectors though. Also the adventures are fun, but they aren't really a substitute for a big compelling storyline.

So maybe?

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As a solo player since Destiny 1 I can say that its fine solo. You won't be able to raid or do nightfalls but I'm still having a blast playing solo.

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@shivermetimbers: You state what I thought the answer absolutely was. You could 'play' solo, but that is not how one was supposed to play it. The idea was no matter how one found Borderlands fine as solo, it would not be the case with Destiny.

Buuuuut... if that is really not true for Destiny 2, I would like to try to play solo, and maybe with acquired knowledge and skill of the way the game works, scheme on breaking into something that I have little experience of, multiplayer.

Those Raids and such do sound like the real meat of the game.

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The content you can do solo is very repetitive and not very challenging. The story is mostly bad and the majority of the campaign missions aren't really great set pieces or anything more than missions to show you how the game works. There is good stuff at the beginning and the end of the campaign.

If you enjoy the repetitive grind of a game like Diablo and get excited about the potential to find new and better loot in that way then you can enjoy this game by yourself, it's very easy to gear up to 270+ without ever doing any group content if that's what you want. Otherwise, don't bother playing the game. As much as people tout the shooting, it's not fun enough on it's own if you aren't going to play with friends while you grind or participate in the Nightfall and the Raid.

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I love co-op, but I don't think it really matters in Destiny 2. It's always nice to have someone to play with or talk to, but you're not missing much by playing it alone. Playing something like the Gears of War series alone you're missing out, since the story is about multiple characters and multiple people helps gameplay wise due to flanking. Destiny, kinda like COD, doesn't have much tactics, it's just about shooting.

D2 actually has a story when D1 barely had one at all, but it's a story that's mediocre at best. Titanfall 2 kinda puts the campaign to shame. If someone is skeptical I'd say rent it or wait for the GOTY edition. It's Destiny 1 with a story and fair loot system.

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@deathstriker: Destiny 2 isn't split-screen co-op though is it? I don't think it makes Gears any better or worse, just interesting.

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@cjduke: Whoops, should have replied in one post. Anyways, nope, I think Diablo 3 is really boring! I have but never played Diablo 2 (not sure if that's relevant). I know Destiny 1 is also similar in how it's about getting loot. My memory of Destiny 1 though with loot was just getting more powerful weapons of the same kind, which was disappointing.

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Literally just finished the main story as a solo player, for the most part. (Did a hand full of public events.) Honestly, I had way more fun with this than I expected to. The moment to moment fights always felt good, and the story was fine, if a bit thin. That being said the game is rather light on big set piece moments other than the very beginning and the very end.

The more I think about it the more I'm really happy with the experience, and I really hope the eventual dlc has more to offer the solo player.

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As probably one of the three biggest advocates of D2 on these boards, I would say no.

The game is designed to be played with others. It isn't a perfect game, so it's easy to see how it would be less than amazing if you tried it out for something it isn't trying to be good at.

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@ntm said:

@deathstriker: Destiny 2 isn't split-screen co-op though is it? I don't think it makes Gears any better or worse, just interesting.

I don't know, I haven't done split-screen since the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube gen. If co-op makes Gears more "interesting" then I think by default that would mean it makes it better too. Gears' drop in and out co-op system is what started the trend/standard from what I remember. Other games like Halo helped too, but I think Gears is why online co-op in campaigns has been so popular since last gen, since they nailed it. Games with strategy/tactics make co-op more important to me. I greatly prefer playing Division with friends, since we can mix powers, flank, aggro different enemies, and do other things strategically. It's not a bad thing, but for the most part in Destiny you're walking down a corridor and shooting stuff in the head and it quickly dies; friends aren't needed for that.

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I'm towards the end of the story all by myself and it's pretty fun. Didn't play the first but it's been decent. Not sure if it'll crack my top 10 or anything, unless I somehow keep playing after the credits roll.

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you'd be missing out on the raid and nightfalls, which do offer the best experiences in the game.

Personally, I don't like raids, in any game really. I'll probably do the same thing with Destiny 2 that I did with Destiny 1. Rent it through Gamefly at some point, play a few days, then send it back. I had a decent enough time playing part 1 solo, so I figure the same will probably be true for part 2.

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@deathstriker: No, I said 'interesting', not 'more' interesting. I like playing Gears on co-op and like to go through each one at least once doing that, but I prefer going solo.

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@ntm:I personally have had a blast solo, I've played a ton of both games this way. I enjoyed the story, and afterwards it becomes a great podcast game. It's also very easy to join a clan and just do the occasional Nightfall or Raid with them. The Nightfall can be done without talking at all.

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I've played almost all solo and really enjoyed it. The story and primary side missions feel like they are designed around a solo player, and there's a whole bunch of them. Basically a B-tier Halo campaign with some open world / loot elements thrown in.

And since finishing most of the designed solo stuff I've still had fun listening to podcasts and running around doing public events or competitive multiplayer with random people. I might hit a loot wall eventually unless I start trying to find people to jump into the late game missions designed for teams - and I've no designs on doing the raid with my limited time given how ridiculous that gets - but running through with my Titan and likely starting a Warlock and building that up will be more than enough for me.

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Did they put matchmaking in for the group stuff or still no? The story & matchmaking being on websites or phone apps or whatever instead of in the game itself is mostly what made me sour on the first game.

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#22 Posted by LarryFitzgerald (8 posts) -

@ntm: Is the bombcast any good? I was thinking about it. I listen to podcasts on my way to work. Should I get into that?

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@ethanielrain: The only matchmaking that occurs is for normal Strikes and Crucible (PVP mode). There's no matchmaking for story missions, patrols/public events/open world stuff, raids or nightfalls (weekly Strike with modification).

You're still going to be going to forums and third party sources in order to try find a group of people to play with.

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#24 Posted by OurSin_360 (6226 posts) -

@jesus_phish: Wasn't there matchmaking for story stuff in the first game? Seems like they made this one even less solo friendly than the first game. I guess it's good it came out a month later on pc, now i know what it is and will probably skip it.

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I play solo as I hate my voice and I don't feel like bothering other people with it.

The strikes and public events so far have been enough for silent engagement with other people.

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@oursin_360: I played through the entire game solo twice just fine (the Hunter run had some friends). The story is pretty easy. Matchmaking would probably just end up having 2 other people sprinting through the levels as fast as possible, like most Strikes in my experience. Heck I can pull off the majority of public events solo, but there's usually other people around which is nice.

Edit: To respond more towards the thread - I would say yes. I enjoyed the story and the Adventures enough to run through it with all 3 classes (partly due to content gating as well, to be honest), the game plays really well, and having the occasional couple people run up and start shootin' some fools with you during an event is fun. I was and still am very satisfied with my time in it, and keep hopping back in almost every day even just for an hour or so.

There's matchmaking for Strikes which has worked out rather well in my experience (though it's a coin flip whether you get folks who wanna sprint past fights or not). They also introduced the Guided Games thingy for Nightfalls and the Raid, but I haven't used it. I've only done the Nightfall once for Exodus Crash a while ago with some friends.

I also can't speak to the Crucible. I've only been in it twice, once for a post-game quest and once with me and some friends fucking around with the reward from that quest (Rat Pack Go!).

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Yeah I think so. I’ve been playing most of this game solo. I got around 60 good hours out of it. I would say I’ve completed most of the content solo with the exception of the nightfall, the raid and trials. The raid is really the only real thing you’re missing out here.

I would recommend getting into a clan, even though you won't directly be participating with them, you can still contribute in your own way and you can get great rewards from it.

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@jesus_phish: Wasn't there matchmaking for story stuff in the first game? Seems like they made this one even less solo friendly than the first game. I guess it's good it came out a month later on pc, now i know what it is and will probably skip it.

No, there wasn't. Also, I don't think it was ever a secret that Destiny was a multiplayer game. It is not build for and was not intended to be a single player experience. You'll see some people here say 'yes, it is playable solo' only to further state they haven't done Nightfalls, Raids or Trials. I'm not suggesting these people are lying about liking the game, but I can say with full confidence that those three things are the best part of Destiny and have always been the best part of Destiny. Destiny and now D2 are in the top 3 of my favorite games of all time, you can have fun without these modes, but it is just another game at that point that comes nowhere close to an all time favorite.

If you are not open to the idea of playing with others, Destiny won't be for you.

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#29 Posted by OurSin_360 (6226 posts) -

@zevvion: i dont remember because i dont even remember if i beat the story stuff in one. Its more stuff like forcing pvp, shader system, and forcing the entire story before you get your mount that is turning me off the game. I don't mind playing with others but they would need to be randoms most the time for me, so matchmaking stuff like nightfalls would do a lot for me. In the first game all i had left to do was bounties because i had nobody to that stuff with. I understand raids, but (at least in 1) there wasnt a real reason for lack of matchmaking in that stuff. I even managed to solo one or almost did cant remember.

I am glad for the wait because i probably would have caved and bought it day one lol.

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#30 Posted by Hestilllives19 (1254 posts) -

@oursin_360: Thing is, there is Nightfall and Raid Matchmaking in Destiny 2. It's called Guided Games. The biggest problem with it though is it takes like 20 minutes to pair you up with players currently because there are more Seekers than Guides by a wide margin. Raids don't seem like they've gone very smoothly but I've heard good and bad things about Nightfall runs, especially on the easier week's for the Nightfall Guided Games has actually been alright.

On forcing PvP are you talking about the Call to Arms Weekly Milestone? I mean, you don't have to do that. Other than that you are not at all required to even touch the PvP in any way. My Raid Group doesn't touch it at all because they all hate the PvP. I only do Trials each weekend, because I hate the normal PvP, like a lot. But Trials is a whole other animal. Getting a group together that is good, and going Flawless is a fantastic feeling, though I felt a bit bad last night, we 6-0'd every team we faced even while carrying a guy.

The Sparrow you honestly don't need until the Campaign is over with. During the Campaign you don't really need it because everything is pretty close together and only for those few times when you aren't leveled high enough and need to do like Public Events would you need one and the only ones they show you on the map are pretty much around Devrim anyways so you don't really need it there either. Sparrows are also basically useless on two of the small planets as well, Titan and IO, because they are just too small to even utilize (maybe IO some). The Shader system is a big problem early on, not as much so later. I have so many Shaders I don't even know what to do with them anymore. The bigger problem is the Glimmer prices on Shading things like Ships, Sparrows, and Gear. It's just too expensive, especially after a player hits 280 and all of their Glimmer is going towards the mod system. I haven't had more than 50K Glimmer since I hit 280 weeks ago, and when Shading Ships is like 25K Glimmer, Sparrows like 15K, and certain Guns/Armors are like 3,750 Glimmer, it's just gets to be too much when every Mod purchase is 2,500 that needs 3 of the same type to create a Legendary which is 5K to slot or takes two to break down and another 1k Glimmer to reforge into another Mod. That gets extremely expensive when you want to Mod all 8 Gear Slots (more if you use more than 1 weapon in each slot like most people), and especially so if you have more than 1 character. I just now have all my characters Modded, and not even with the Mods I ideally want.

So there is a lot they need to work on fixing, hopefully in the coming months they smooth out these rough edges a bit more and a bit more. They usually do.

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@dolly_smith:If by event, you meant Public Events, than yes. You can start and finish a public event as a solo player. However the space you are in for the events is a public space, so expect other fireteams/solo players to join in.

Soloable with no Matchmaking

  • Story (including Adventures)
  • Public Events (in public spaces)
  • Patrols (in public spaces)
  • Lost Sector
  • Prestige Nightfall (if you are really, REALLY, REALLY good)


  • Strikes
  • Nightfall(Guided Games)
  • Raid(Guided Games)
  • Crucible(PvP)


  • Prestige Raid (Assumption, not released yet)
  • Trials
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Hello good day, I detected that destiny a pair of I detected that destiny a pair of would-be additional solo friendly, however precisely wouldn't it work, what am i able to do as a solo player?

I detected that destiny a pair of I detected that destiny a pair of would-be additional solo friendly, however precisely wouldn't it work, what am I able to do as a solo player?

I watched the beta and most appeared to be the party. I do have friends I will play with however it's onerous to induce our times to mesh. thus my play vogue would be solo most of the time and perhaps once every week with friends.

Anyone is aware of the events that may be soloable? Thanks prior to.

Am I having a seizure? I do not know what the heck I just read. Are you a bot? Not to be harsh but even if you ARE real and English is not your primary language, I have no idea what half of what you wrote means.

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@galerian: Prestige Nightfall Solo is hilarious. There are only a handful of players in this game (out of the 5 million player community) that can do that. Heck I'm a top 1% PvP player and was a top 10% Raider in D1 and we barely got it done on a week with very generous modifiers. The Prestige Nightfall is by far the hardest activity in Destiny right now (for a group of 3), much harder than the current Leviathan Raid.

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#35 Posted by galerian (162 posts) -

@hestilllives19: Haha, I know. But since it's "possible" to play it solo, I put it under Soloable.

I managed to finish prestige Pyramidion with 15sec left. We thought we had a great time bank when we jump down (about 6 mins), we were wrong. That period when everyone was down was super tense.

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#36 Posted by NTM (11905 posts) -

So, is this game worth it now for a solo player? I haven't looked into DLC so I don't know what has changed since release. I'm not sure if it means much, but this is coming from someone that put 70 to 90 hours into The Division solo. Also, after I made this thread there was a point that I went through all the Borderlands games on my own and enjoyed them a lot. I'm curious, how many hours worth of content is there for someone that wants to go solo?

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#37 Posted by Charongreed (111 posts) -

I play primarily solo, and got hundreds of hours out of it. A pretty significant amount has changed, including more reasons to repeat activities (espcially in the two DLCs). But I think it really depends on what you want out of it. I really loved the shooting and was willing to run around and grind events and explore (I think the grind in D2 is actually really smart, because with all the legendaries equal, you can try everything and see what you like.) But if you want to do the high-level stuff (Raids, prestige nightfalls) then you need at least a clan.

If you're going in without the DLC though, I'm not sure how power will work for you, since the DLCs raise the cap and the Strikes, Nightfalls and Raids all have power requirements that are wildly beyond what they were in the base game. But if you enjoy the game enough to want to keep doing that stuff, you should get the DLC to get more stuff to do, since D2's launch content problem is still there.

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#38 Posted by FacelessVixen (2710 posts) -

Short answer: It depends.

Long answer: It depends on the type of person you are and what exactly you mean by "going solo". As the resident Destiny nerds on this site have most likely already explained: you can only do so many things completely alone. But if you're like me and you're willing to do public events and Strikes in addition to grinding for faction loot, then, maybe. I've been playing on and off since the PC release and probably got a good 100 hours out of it (give or take). I'm not a Nightfall person, though those are probably less intimidating than they actually are, I rather do that with people that I actually know, and I'm not a Raid person 'cause those just seem pretty un-fun without watching videos or reading guides about the puzzles and gimmicks beforehand. As for the current expansions: They both extend the story time by about two hours each for an estimated total of four, the (equipment) level cap goes up to 30, the power/light level soft cap goes up to 340, more public events, more strikes, more loot, new raids, yadda yadda yadda, more Destiny. Too late for me since I'm already in, but I would wait and see what Forsaken has to offer, or maybe even wait 'till next year when all of those other expansions are out and Activision-Bungie will try to sell a "game of the year" package for $60 that'll make early adopters like myself feel very salty; but I digress.

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#39 Posted by Sahalarious (802 posts) -

@ntm: Nope, its like Halo minus all of the good parts. Im glad people have fun, but ive seen too many games defended because of how fun they are cooperatively. that just means you like your friends! lazy design or predatory loot boxes will never be fun to me, though I do see the value if you are an active member of a group of gaming friends to take what you can get i suppose

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#40 Posted by bmcgov1209 (3 posts) -

I got somewhere between 20 and 30 hours out of destiny 2 on PC as a solo player. I didn't touch any of the strikes or the raid. I would jump into public events when they showed up nearby, but that was the extent of my cooperation with other players. It was fun while I was playing through the (forgettable) story, but I haven't felt any need to go back for the dlcs.

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#41 Edited by Hestilllives19 (1254 posts) -

Sounds like Bungie is putting a lot of stuff into the End Game for Solo players as well as groups, specifically regarding The Dreaming City, for Forsaken. Just thought this was pretty relevant.

Taylor: “It’s totally thematically tied to the story, and an evolution of the story, but it’s not a campaign. It is more about that hobby experience. But the thing is that while it houses the Raid, if you’re a solo player you can still land there and explore all around it. The Raid is a part of it, but there are activities that go over time, public events, secrets that if you’re determined enough, you can get powerful enough to go through and explore and find out.”

Cotton: “We teased that a little bit, didn’t we? [laughter as Cotton and Taylor blame each other for apparently saying too much] So the other thing that we’re really excited about is having that feeling of causality. I think the thing that’s exciting for me is having players appreciate the things that raiders are doing even if you aren’t a raider yourself.”

GR: Raiding is hard.

Cotton: “Yeah, exactly, it is, and not everybody can do Raids, and we make Raids as an in-game pinnacle activity. But for people that are not able to do raids, this destination is going to feel like the pinnacle activity for them.”

Note: Beware, that article has some Forsaken spoilers in it that were in the Forsaken Story Trailer that players may not want to know.

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#42 Posted by The_Greg (549 posts) -

I played Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 solo and had a blast on both.

I still play Destiny 2 from time to time on my Xbox One X and it's impressive. It runs in 4K with HDR, and I do sometimes stop to look at a great bit of lighting or an awesome sky box.

Destiny has always been a game that I only play as long as I'm actually enjoying it. I have no interest in all of the raids, strikes, end-game content. With both games, I played for maybe 30 hours, then come back when more content drops. This approach has not failed me, I've enjoyed every second.

If you take this game too seriously, you might not like it. It's just a fun sci-fi shooter with tight shooting mechanics and impressive locations.

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#43 Posted by breq (107 posts) -

If you want a game where you can pick it up for an hour here or there, than absolutely yes it is good for a solo player. If you're wanting to get a game that will hold your interest for long marathon sessions, than no.

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The game is on sale for 25 dollars for both the game and expansion pass bundle. When I mean go solo, I just mean playing without people that want to talk with headsets. I don't necessarily care if people are around me as I play, I just don't want to have to converse with people to do a goal or play with people that expect that. I just want to lose myself in its universe and relax, but I don't know how much I'd get out of that play time wise. I don't really play games like this because grinding for loot is fun; that's not a huge thing to me. When I see a world, its missions, and its story, I don't have much reason to stick around in it unless I really just enjoy visiting the fictional world.

Edit - Okay... I won't bother everyone about this anymore. I went ahead and bought it. I hope I enjoy it, so it'll either come down to me being pleasantly surprised or disappointed. The game just looks like it has things I'd like to experience; I just hope it isn't overly bare bones for what I want to experience.

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#45 Posted by bored_and_agitated (177 posts) -

I do most group activities without a headset. The only thing that does require collaboration is the raids.

I will say, the most fun I ever had with Destiny was when me and my friends were goofin around on voice chat as we shot aliens. But most of D2 I’ve played without any voice chat.

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#46 Posted by NTM (11905 posts) -

@bored_and_agitated: I'm guessing you're playing the Forsaken DLC? I should point out on this thread here that I've already bought and played through it all (aside from the Forsaken DLC, which I'm not sure I want right now considering there are new games out now and games to come), and just a few days ago I uninstalled it since my brother went through it a week or so after me. The game was completely fine as a solo player and I much enjoyed the game. It's been weeks since I've played the game, but I checked it out when I got a 4KTV and it looked great.

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#47 Posted by Captain_Insano (3541 posts) -

@ntm: I'm not sure about worldwide, but here in Aus, Destiny 2 is the PSPlus free game of the month. I'm thinking of giving it a look

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#48 Posted by NTM (11905 posts) -

@captain_insano: Yeah, it's free here too in the U.S. It's worth checking out.

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#49 Posted by bored_and_agitated (177 posts) -

@ntm: yeah I’m playing the hell out of forsaken. This expansion is great, the story is awesome. If you don’t care about the zeitgeist then maybe waiting for a discount would be a good idea

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I played through the campaign when it came out and finished in about ten or twelve hours. It was entertaining in a distant way since you didn't really care about the characters. Some cool setpieces worth playing.

Didn't do any expansion stuff. Had enough with the vanilla campaighn.