Newcomer to raids. Help needed.

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Hello guys just putting this post here on giantbomb to see if I can gather some people who are either new to the raid or veterans to do the heroic version with. I know there are other places to LFG but I kind of want to get a group that is cool and nice and are looking to stay together to raid weekly. Anyways if you are interested add me on PSN at elvfinal and send me a message there or here and we can work out a time. Just a little info about me iam 30 years old I work a full time job at a pharmaceutical company on weekdays so my time is mostly at night after 1030 eastern and weekends could be all day but depends on my schedule that particular weekend. Thanks.

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@elvfinal: We (Cerberus Wolves) had some dropouts recently and I can offer you a weekly spot for our Heroic Raid. We go on wednesdays and sundays currently 'guaranteed*' and then we also do runs just on the fly if enough people are online. Sunday would probably work best given your timezone.

* Unless some people can't make it and we can't find familiar replacements. We don't LFG people from LFG sites as a rule, we will cancel it instead.

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Sending friend request on PSN.

Darkjohnny 47.

I'm always looking for people to raid with

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No PSN, but I hope it's ok if I piggyback off this to seek some raid partners for Xbox One version. I haven't done any of the raids (came to the game late, no friends playing).

Gamertag: Two Buck Chuck

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You guys should check out the groups we have already setup for this stuff. For random Raids we typically use our group, info found here. There is a group for both Xbox and PS4. You can set it to Public if people aren't signing up a day or two in advance and it will pull people from the site instead of just from Giantbomb. As far as grouping goes I suggest you guys check out our Giantbomb Clans we have already setup for interacting with each other here. There are a few PS4 clans and 1 dedicated XBox One clan. With in an in game clan list now it's the most useful it's ever been to be a part of a Clan in Destiny. All of the Clan stuff for Destiny is done through though so you will have to join those groups there, but those post's have direct links to the groups on

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PSN: houseleaves13

I've done WOTM on normal twice now, but still haven't found people to complete King's Fall yet. As Hestilllives19 said, is a good site for setting up raids.

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@hestilllives19: thank you very much, very helpful. I will be checking out those links.

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I've been wanting to do the raid myself but the giant bomb ps4 clan I'm a member of seems kind of dead and thing has been kind of a pain for me to use.

Add me if any of you all want, psn is Quinndolyne.

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@zevvion: ok that sounds great. Iam down for that you can PM your psn id or you can add me at elvfinal on psn and just leave a brief messege so I know that is you. Thanks a lot.

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@elvfinal: I'm going to be honest with you, I'm too lazy to add you. Why don't you add me instead? It's the same username as here: Zevvion. I'll make sure you can join this sunday if we have enough people. We are doing the challenge mode.