Is Detroit: Become Human super compelling despite itself?

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I feel like I'm crazy here. Am I crazy?

It's true what ppl say about the writing. I literally think anyone can write better than what's displayed in Detroit and I mean anyone. Me, you, or someone's 7 year old daughter and her pet kitten.

But the thing is, the audio/visual departments at Quantic Dream did a fantastic job. And when a game sounds and looks this good, the world can't help but come alive. Yes, every idea, every moment, every scene is either borrowed or lifted from something you've probably seen before but when it's put into an interactive medium where you can engage with it, even if it's in small and limited ways, you can't help but be drawn in.

Beyond: Two Souls put a really sour taste in my mouth but I enjoyed Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain (haven't played Omikron) and I have to say, Detroit might be their best work. YMMV definitely depending on your genre preferences and maybe I'm just a Sci-Fi sucker but I thought it was pretty cool...

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It's well produced, so I can see your point from that perspective, but it's such a narrative mess and such well worn territory, I personally can't say I found it all that compelling.

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Based on my watching of the Best Friends' LP of Detroit, it's probably the best one of the bunch. But, not only due to the nature of choose-your-own-adventure-out-of-these-given-options story games, but also because of David Cage, things can get really campy, or, "fall apart", during a second playthrough.

I say play it, then maybe get a bingo card of Cageisms for the second gig.

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It is a David Cage through and through where there are occasional interesting things then the whole things fall apart and there are some moments that will make you burst out laughing from the stupidity

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I kinda come to David Cage now for him tackling things he can't possibly handle deftly. The results are always interesting.

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There can be merit in an incredibly well rendered train wreck.

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I'm with you OP.

It's super clear what they're doing and you've seen those scenes play out in media for decades. But it's still super compelling to follow the whole story and see what happens next. It's very easy to tear these games down as soon as you're done with them, but while you're experiencing it all, the game sucks you in.

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It did look very good visually, I’ll give it that. Otherwise the whole thing was, for me. I liked Hank and Connor as cliched buddy cops, but rest of the cast was kinda forgettable. The good ending with it’s ”power or love” message was also the worst.

But it was fun to play, once at least.

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I don't know about "super", but it was compelling enough watching someone else play it, though I was just waiting for Connor and Hank to show up again every time it switched to the other characters. And honestly that might be a good example of "despite itself", because apparently a bunch of that was ad-libbed since the actors had natural chemistry, and Cage didn't want some of their best human moments in the game because they weren't in his script.

It's easily the best game that's come out of Cage's directing either way. I'd give it a solid mediocre/10.

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You're not crazy. I felt the exact same way: I saw all the flaws that everyone talked about and I agree fully with all criticisms. Didn't matter, I was still hooked.

It's fine to like problematic things, just so long as you recognize them as problematic.

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It's definitely David Cage's best game. But when you compare it to everything else, that's not a super huge accomplishment. I guess it's the turd with the least amount of corn or most amount of corn. I guess that depends on your personal stance on corn.

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From a technical standpoint, the game is really well produced. It looks good and sounds good. Also, despite the writing still being blunt as a sledgehammer to a newborn baby's cranium, its still his most restrained work in many ways. The magical bullshit and the racial stereotypes are kept to a minimum, and at the very least you have two actually compelling, well-acted characters in Frank and Connor. Finally, this is probably the game with the most variety of potential scenarios, and the closest to delivering the whole promise of "your actions shape your own story."

So I would say it is OBJECTIVELY a better made game in just about every way. It's just still a crazy. tone-deaf, masturbatory David Cage game.

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I think it's the best game they've produced yet. The criticism was too harsh, but I can see some glaring issues with the game. It seems every couple scenes I see a new plothole or nitpicky thing, and a lot of the symbolism is hamfisted in a way that borders on comedic. I enjoyed my time with it, and I appreciate that your choices actually do matter and things can end up entirely different from playthrough to playthrough. The worst part of David Cage's games are their potential for greatness, but they're always off the mark in one way or another.

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From a technical perspective it’s undoubtedly the best game they’ve ever produced but I ended up really hating it by the end. The only thing I enjoyed about it was Conner and even those parts just annoyed me because I saw how good it could have been had they had focused solely on him.

It might not be very fair to criticise a game for what you wish it was but I really hated what was there.

It’s funny because I remember Alex talking about it quite negatively on the podcast before I’d played it and I thought “eh, I’m sure I’ll like it because I enjoyed their previous games” I was very wrong.

The game looks tremendous too which makes the game that much more disappointing and everyone involved in making the game look as good as it does deserved to work on something better.