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Hey ya'll. I didn't see a place for Xbox One Diablo 3 players to unite, so here's a thread. Bought the game at midnight on launch night, and I've been hooked ever since. Rando matches are Okay, but it'd be cool to have some GB duders to roll with.

I'm down to add anybody. If you're on Giantbomb, you're already cool with me :)

GT: Mack Luster

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Throw me an invite if I don't throw one your way first!


I'm currently leveling a Demon Hunter + Crusader at the moment. I have a Monk/Wizard Paragon L101 on PC, so don't worry about grouping with me :P

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.. Just to elaborate, finished vanilla Diablo 3 on the PC with a Demon Hunter. Currently leveling with a level 15 Witch Doctor at the moment.

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Awesome, I'll add you guy's in a moment. This is my first time with the full game. I played as much of the demo as I could a few years ago. Played a lot with the monk and had a ton of fun, so I'm rolling with a monk now. Level 38 already, with in the first day, lol

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Feel free to add/invite me.


i have a level 70 Crusader and level 52 Monk (Hardcore mode), but am always willing to start a new character to group up. i tend to play weekday evenings US eastern time, and also on weekends at pretty much any time.

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Hey guys, also feel free to add me; Dr Chi (note the space).

I'm also down with co-op on pretty much any game, I have pretty much all the XB1 games at this point (I might have a problem...). I also game on PC/PS4. Also, I'm doing Destiny on X1.

I'm in US Eastern timezone, I mainly play evenings/weekends but have 2 kids so my schedule's iffy.

I'll just go ahead and assume if you're a Giantbomb duder you won't be a 12 year old racist online. ;D

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I am a level 12 crusader but I'll be working on other classes also. Feel free to add me.


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PLIXEN level 8 Barbarian

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Out of town but will be playing Sunday night.


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I'll be playing a little here and there. Feel free to send me a request: VA1N

I'm currently playing a level 37 DH

Make sure you make note that you are from GB please.

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70 DH

-attach a message about GB please.

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i have a 62 Barbarian / 20 Wizard / and a 18 demon hunter.. playing all the time.

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I've got a level 70 Crusader

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Feel free to add me, I'll add everyone that posts in this thread.

GT: Orinin

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Finished the story over the weekend and am running through on master ATM with my crusader. Toss me a friend add and I'll add most y'all as well.


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Hi looking for people to play with. DrinkablePants

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Currently blasting through rifts with random peeps, so keeping it short!

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Package Attacks

As of posting I have a 70 (56 paragon) crusader

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GT: Mijati

Will be getting this in the next couple of hours so will get adding now.

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Working on getting all classes to 70!

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Lvl 70 50 paragon demon hunter

Lvl 58 harcore crusader

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GT: Azraeill

Just Paragon'd a Crusader and working on a DH as well.

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GT: Doctor Doom616

added everyone here, feel free to hit me up for bounties or whatever.

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Just picked this up today

GT - TheGrindilow

Hit me up

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critchstarblade. Level 11 crusader! wheeeee

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Just started playing yesterday.

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GT: Lone F