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Give it a shot! Seems pretty fun though I imagine in like a week or two people will be insanely good at it and it will cease to be fun; but until then. Never played Windjammers myself so a relatively new experience; though 2D seems like a superior means of conveying angular information. It also has a really easy set of trophies if that matters to you at all.

My highlight for today so far:

The lob serve seems pretty killer on day/hour one (though remarkably easy to react to on your side):

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I've played a few games and I'm having a lot of fun with it. Probably helps that I've won every game so far. Definitely recommend doing the training, I feel like the people I've played didn't go through it. It only takes like five minutes to get through all of it.

I do wish the matchmaking were a bit quicker. If you and your opponent don't vote for a rematch, you get booted out to the main menu and have to start the process over. It would be nice if it were a bit more streamlined.

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@freshlysquozen: Setting the latency requirement to "Any" speeds up solo matchmaking a fair amount; 2v2 is still slow but probably not for long. This doesn't solve the issue where you can't connect to online after some matches but quitting the game and restarting it does /shrug.

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Ran into an absolute killer finally. Didn't much care for it. I like winning. That said, I was using Haruka who I also don't much care for so far.

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I really love the ragdolls in this game. Seeing anybody, especially you, fly around the arena after hitting the side bumper panels after getting zapped is fucking hilarious.

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@freshlysquozen: Having a slide that's not a slide just doesn't feel right. Would just keep playing this all night but have bar trivia to do, the horror.

A match with some vague amount of skill demonstrated:

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The game has potential, but it lives and dies by its online community which doesn't seem quite high enough to guarantee being able to find a match in a decent amount of time.

Also I'm a beta player and in my first match a dude set me up for a super throw and then immediately left saying "gg I don't play with hackers" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Cool. Good month for Plus.

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Yeah, not many people seem to be playing, if anyone wants to get some games in, feel free to add me (mention GB or something). Name is the same as here.

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I enjoyed the beta and its much of the same. My experience so far is either I get stuck with someone way WORSE than me or way BETTER than me in 2v2.

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I did it!:

You really have to play this game constantly to actually be good at it, I sucked all last night after trivia and this morning up until this match; then it returned to me; but will it vanish if I shower and shave? I imagine once you get to the point of purpling/wall bouncing everything this is even more of a thing; for theoretical disc jam esports will the competitors warm up for 2 hours beforehand? Can anyone slay the Gerstmann?

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I am curious what the user numbers are. I'm hoping the slow matchmaking issues I'm having are just due to new game jank because I'm really enjoying the matches I'm playing. It probably helps that I'm overly competitive and so far have only run into one buzzsaw so that makes me feel good about myself.

It took like thirty minutes for my friend and I to get matched into a doubles match, and we just kept rematching against the same people because nobody wanted to have to roll the dice on getting matched up again. This seems pretty normal for games like this at launch (remember Rocket League), so I'm hoping that all gets sorted out pretty soon.

I hate that there's no platinum trophy. Not because I'm a trophy hunter or something, but because I was hoping it would be a relatively easy platinum like Rocket League. I've only got four, and they're all easy, so it would have been nice. I still need the trophy for winning without giving up a point (had two people quit when I was on the verge of getting it) and the one for winning with a super.