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I just bought a copy from amazon, waiting for it to arrive. However, I remember back in one of the podcasts a week or two after the review came out that Brad and I believe Vinny were really talking up how crazy some of the scenes/bosses were. So without spoiling anything what are some of the points in the game I should really look forward to? I've heard the 3rd boss is insane, so that intrigues me even more! (sorry for such a vague thread, I am just really hyped up on the game).

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If you must know beforehand chapter 17 or 16 is incredible. One of the best levels in a game I have played period. Depending on your personal aesthetic and musical tastes you may not have as strong a reaction as I.

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I will be sure and notice anything musically, as far as aesthetics goes I've learned to stop and just pan around the world and just breath it in.

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Its kind of hard to tell you what to expect without spoiling it a bit at least. But you can expect a ton of awesome that's for sure.

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ill be honest, i didnt care for anything related to this game (yes im one of the evil guys that didnt like the newness of this game), but after seeing that infamous level that everyone talked about, i will be buying this game when it drops in price. its exactly the type of buckwild shit that i love videogames for.

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@mrhadouken: That 'moment' they talk about? That's pretty much where the game takes off and doesn't stop, but the levels leading up to that point are pretty neat too. It's not the longest (or hardest) game in the world, but it's brilliantly paced, has a fabulous aesthetic and style, and you'll totally want to listen to the Combichrist/Noisia stuff after playing the night club level. Don't spoil anything for yourself by looking up youtube or whatever.

In terms of, like, user friendliness or whatever, the game lets you drop in and out of a level at any checkpoint, as it autosaves constantly, unlike the bullshit of the previous games. This means there are rare occasions where you'll lose anything more than about 15 minutes of progress. Vergil's Downfall DLC is fun too.

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I am definitely trying to stay away from youtube kinda why I came here. I am very excited, should arrive tomorrow, fingers crossed.

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Expect awesomeness.

Expect super easy and simple boss fights that are visually super impressive in their design and presentation. Especially the Bill O'Reilly one.

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It's a really great game. However, I did four playthroughs back to back and I'm pretty burned out on it, and I really can't remember my first impressions of some of the levels that well after experiencing them over and over again. The boss fights are alright, nothing mind-blowing gameplay wise, but in terms of presentation they're pretty cool. The dance club level is really neat, too. I also really liked the platforming bits where shit is just falling apart all over the place.

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The visual design is just fucking balls to the wall throughout. You can be sure that the game won't be done throwing crazy settings and visual tricks until the very end. almost all the bosses are all one upping each other constantly.

As Pr1mus said, they're all super easy, especially compared to old DMC ones, but their design and settings are the works of a madman.

Full disclosure, I'm on the " DMC Vet, DmC lover" camp, I think there are a couple of us out there.

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Everything starting with the assault on the news station is pretty awesome

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The game just arrived in the mail and I am as giddy as a school girl, but this must wait until I finish Spec Ops: The Line, on chapter 11 so I shouldn't have that much farther to go.

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I loved this game! It starts out a bit slow I think, but as you get further and further it just gets better and better, and the art style on a lot of the missions are fantastic.

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Holy hell, this game is amazing! I am now on chapter 18, and see exactly what everybody's talking about. Beautiful visually, driving musically, plus just the right amount of campy action. Worth every penny!