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So finally after 6 months (I think?) it arrived:

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The special preorder only DOOM soundtrack on vinyl + CD + slipmat. I'm dumb and stupid, but it's awesome. Because the DOOM soundtrack is awesome. The LP's are translucent red btw.

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But it's the right kind of dumb and stupid.

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Your not stupid this looks pretty cool. For some reason i like the Wolfenstein soundtrack a bit more.

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If by stupid you mean a hero, then yes, you are stupid. This looks rad as shit.

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That looks friggin awesome, you're only stupid if you dont play it!

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That. Looks. AWESOME!

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Duder: Play it backwards you totally open a portal to Hell.

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That's pretty cool. I mean, I probably wouldn't buy that, but still. And hey, if it sounds awesome, then all the better. Excited for Doom Eternal's soundtrack?

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@gundogan: a hell!!! Thats looks just right, man!

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Way ahead of you.

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@ntm: Have you SEEN the gameplay reveal?! It's insane. Graphics, soundtrack, gameplay, it's great.

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I agree with the majority: this is legit cool shit. If this makes you happy, as far as I'm concerned, there couldn't have been a better expenditure of your cash - unless you're like, stiffing your rent or something.

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Any course of action that leads to listening to the DOOM soundtrack can't possibly be stupid.

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Soundtrack rules.

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Sounds best if you replace the needle with a razor blade dipped in lamb's blood. So I've heard.

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What JVCs are those? Attempting to save money right now but tbh that's for chumps.

e: ah, ha-dx1000. Pretty looking and probably sound as good as they look; also fairly too rich for my blood. :D

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@gundogan: *insert drooling emoji*

You are my stupid hero.

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Cool af. Not stupid, determined. That's what they mean by saying "follow your dreams".

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The only thing stupid about this is the fact that I didn't hear about this and this don't own one myself. That shit looks rad.

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Might have to get this just for the slipmat, looks dope dude.

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Oh hell yeah man! That’s a beautiful set up you’ve got there too.

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I too have joined Club Stupid for $180 AUSD. I hate record collecting. It took what seemed like forever for it to arrive. Now time to buy the x4 LP black boxset. I hate record collecting.

Deluxe Edition; Transparent Red 4x LP, 2x CDs and Doom logo slipmat.
Deluxe Edition; Transparent Red 4x LP, 2x CDs and Doom logo slipmat.