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That footage they just showed was ridiculous. Hugo and Marty did a great job hyping it up and I can't wait to play it. What was your favorite part of the footage that was shown? The BFG 10,000 was amazing.

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Looks like Doom is making good on the premise of Brink from many years ago. Smooth parkour-like movement integrated into satisfying shooting mechanics.

Not sure how much I'm loving the hell-cities to be honest, but the space station segment, especially dragging the techs badge onto the scanner, was pretty rad.

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I really like the implications of the grappling hook: move around the arena faster, close gaps faster, kill demons faster, more freedom of vertical movement, pairing it with double jumps to string together aerial combos, etc. There's also a quick dash move for dodging enemies and projectiles, which will allow you to dance with even more speed and intensity in close quarters. Also, gatling shotgun.

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I'm watching it right now, and oh my god, man. I'm excited in a way that I don't usually get for upcoming games anymore. (last time was, well, Doom '16)

It's like they saw everything I personally wanted from Eternal, and said "Yeah, okay!". The even goofier tone without going into full-on farce, the expanded traversal, the battle damage, more OTT weapons, some classic-skin versions of enemies, more wholly original enemies, invasions(!?)... and did they hint at a section set in a Diablo-esque heaven? Eternal legit feels like a hyper-ambitious fangame. I'll share some more thoughts as I watch:

Interested by them saying "they're building a Doom universe". Sounds like they fully intend to keep making Doom games in this continuity, and I am soooo okay with that.

"Warning: Slayer threat level at maximum"... HA!

The music is fantastic and chaotic, as expected.

The Arch-Vile looks AMAZING.

The surprising length and transparency of the gameplay demo makes me wonder if this game won't be out sooner than I thought. Of course, if it's like '16, the game will be like 20 hours long, so...

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It really was a fantastic demo. The first time he shot out that grapple hook I lost it. The shoulder launcher, the flamethrower, the wrist blade, coop-invasions!, air-dash/side-step, the hell sword right at the end! So much cool new stuff I can't wait to get hands on. Still has that great badass/really dumb attitude they nailed in the first one like when slammed the head of a demon into its chest hahaha.

Environments look huge. I don't remember anything from the first game coming close to the map they pulled up. Maybe I should play it again just to make sure.

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The side dodging looks great and a much welcome addition to the already high-mobility of the first game. Being able to juke back and forth from side to side is going to be awesome in a game that has moving projectiles to dodge.

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@boba7hefett: I kept seeing that gun in the top left corner pop up ocassionally and I'd keep thinking 'WTF was that?' And then it finally turned on and revealed itself as a flame thrower and/or missile launcher. I lost it 0_o

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I'm glad that they're keeping the tongue-in-cheek humour and going even further with it, judging from that scene with the shocked NPCs as you waltz through.

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@big_denim: doom slayer is too angry to waste time throwing grenades he needs both them hands at all times

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Some of the new weapons / enemeies remind of Quake 1, which is awesome.

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It looks so fucking good.

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Switch version confirmed!!

Crap, I still need to play the first one! Too many games to play!

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I think I may have been grinning throughout the second demo. Seems like the hook will make the super shotgun the default weapon for me.

I love the moment the map was shown. The level is more complex than anything from the last game. And the locations they teased look very cool.

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Looks fucking fantastic.

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@militantfreudian: interesting that they decided to keep that minimalistic map design.

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GOTY 2019.

Not really sure why they felt the need to separate a "mouse & keyboard" demo from the other footage. Motion sickness?

Loving the new mobility. Air dashes!

The Invasions system could be really cool.