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I have played about 17 matches which fits my time at 17 hours. Only played in teams with 1 or 3 friend and found the Dota community to be pretty bad....then i played on my own.

So despite the penalties nearly every game has people disconnect for a variety of reasons which annoys me even if its the enemy.

Some people acess from the characters people pick if they will win which leads me to my first hatred.

Hero bullying. I get bullied by not only my team also the enemy team for the Hero I picked and this is befor anything goes down.

I pick Venomancer and I am jumped upon with snide remarks. Yes he is a terrible character on his own, he is a support hero. Yet I find people dont want support or team work, they want everybody to be self sufficiant individuals and win like that.

I seem to miss the part were are a team. I can get 20 plus kills or more likely 20 plus assists with venomancer, later in the game I can almost tank none tanks. I am not a glory seeker looking for multi kills I just want to help my team. Why is that bad?

I have had 2 horrific matches on my own. 1 with a dude that was an honest screw up and then Dced. Then a troll on my team feeding,pinging and useing his steam name to insult the team.

So you would think they are the bad guys...no...its me. Its me the dude that chose an uncommonly used character that helps the other kill guys easier to super easy.

I didnt even get a chance to prove myself he games were ruined within moments due other players, these were not game yet both teams decide to dump on me.

Is this normal? or does everyone else choose the same community voted 10 hero's and never stray?

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Pro-tip: Never read the chat, but if you do, don't let any of it get to you.

Some heroes are looked down upon, that's just how it is.

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You need to play more, it sounds like you're still in the starter/crap pool. Tons of trolls and idiots there but once you get a decent amount of games in you'll leave that starter pool and be matched with better players who can act like actual human beings. Not saying there aren't idiots or trolls later on but it'll get better.

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Are you playing vs other humans or vs AI?

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Yeah you are in the "we don't know your skill level" bracket. That and really low skill matches is where the ignorant assholes hang out.

Play more and reach higher brackets. Up there people only poop on your hero pick if it doesnt fit the team, not because of specific heroes, Veno is actually pretty good.

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@neoneoane: oh dear god I think I would have killed myself if the AI was that abusive. Its humans which are naturaly cruel so its expected.

I suppose your are right guys. Just this is what stopped me from entertaining the thought of playing Dota is the dedication. Granted its not that hard to get into like I thought (Street Fighter online level) but man are there so many horrible people playing Dota.

This was also my first time playing US. As I am UK and was figuring that English speakers would be beter paying on my own. I am better off sticking to Europe as when I do get an arsehole I dont know what they are saying.

Or have that laugh at how bad his english is such as a Russian that flipped out with such things as "Fuck you mother bitch!" or " fucker mother!". Even when I have a spaniard trying his best to insult me it will be nonsense, unlike English speakers in which it feels like High School again and we all have a bad time in High Shool.

What sort of level brings up a better class of people as I have recently hut lvl 2. For now europeans with my friends.

Dota is very intimate at times Vs Counter strike or BF3. Atleast there I can get pissed off and enjoy knifing the fuckers over and over.

Ps. I was more than likely very fragile as this was supposed to be my winding down gameing. After runing around like a headless chicken due to upstairs flooding my bathroom and the ceiling caving it......so yeah I was easily wound up due to arseholes.

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I'm used to seeing people who take their competitive spirit wayyyy too far. Recently, I was having a bad game as Wisp. Not especially bad, but I was underleveled and about 4/8/10 K/D/A. Anyway, some jagoff on my team began to berate me after we'd only been playing for like 15 minutes. This dude bitched and moaned as hard as anyone I've seen, which I'm okay with, but then he started throwing out typical internet asshole names. I can't abide by that.

So, I decided to give him something legitimate to complain about. I found him, tethered to him, and ported him into the enemy base. Immediately upon arrival, I broke the tether so that after the 12 seconds, only I would port back to safety. He was just stuck in the base, doomed. I've never trolled somebody online before. My glee from performing the act was actually outmatched by his hilarious reaction. We lost the game, but it was still probably my favorite game of DOTA to date. Ah, good times.

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Veno terrible on his own? What?

Anyway, you really need to get out of the starting area of matchmaking. Play with friends or use mute generously or whatever gets you through it. For a while now I've randomed nearly every game and nobody's ever said anything except "repick pls" if I get Meepo or Invoker, after which I repick. People who actually care about getting a good team comp aren't playing all pick.

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As soon as you make it beyond that 1st pool, then you get into the pool of "Hey we need wards!!!!", people calling gg as soon as the game starts because nobody on the team picked support, and apparently nukers, or anything not hard carries are considered support for some reason.

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LIke I wrote in another thread, if they are doing "random public matches" and they are complaining about your hero pick because it doesn't support their hero that is "too bad for them". If they need someone to play a specific set of heroes for their hero to execute then they need to create a party. Suggesting it your fault is stupid since none of us can read their mind.

Last night, I did a random bot match (didn't want to get into a serious match before bed) which I always use "Random Hero" (randomed into Pudge) and everyone was going about their business except for the Drow Ranger who was screaming for help in the top land. Constantly pinging and drawing lines and telling everyone how they sucked because they weren't doing what he was saying which was complete nonsense. Later on in the game they were still screaming and saying how much everyone sucked, including me, where I try to politely point out "I can't rush in there because you fed them too much Mr 0-9-0" which at that point they go ballistic in a language I don't understand. In any event, I ignored the ranting and continue to push because I recognized that the player who was doing Nature's Prophet was playing correctly and would win us the game anyway while the best I could do with Pudge is keep up the lane pressure to draw heros away forcing them to defend their base instead of allowing them to from the "gank trains".

So in one sense it is normal but the issue isn't with you @akyho. If you are doing random then the setups are a bit off where if someone is screaming about "lack of synergy" it is their fault not yours. In "All Pick" matches your primary job is to do your job not follow the rantings and ravings of the angry players.

ps. Venomancer weak? Seems like the prime example of a "lane pusher" to me.

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@akyho: What I was trying to say is that maybe stick to AI battles until you get a hang of how the game works and until you learn some of the heroes. I mean if you're good, who cares what character you pick?

I'd like to tell you to get used to it but I'm not going to. I tried playing Dota 2 but the community is so unwelcoming that I decided it wasn't worth the effort to invest so much time in a game just so people would stop telling me I suck.

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You still haven't played enough games yet for the system to know your skill level. Once you get up to 25-50 wins, the game will actually know what bracket to put you in, and you won't be playing with the people who also just started and don't care about what happens to their account (i.e. trolling with insults and disconnecting). I recommend that, if someone's bothering you, you report them, then mute them, then go about your business.

I actually drastically disagree with a lot of the people in this thread about hero picking strategy though; literally half of Dota is picking and counterpicking, to the point that you can easily lose a game at hero pick if you don't pick a decent team comp. Please don't be one of those people that picks a carry after the team already has two. That said, Veno is definitely a good hero, and you're just, again, in the bracket where nobody really knows what they're doing. All heroes are viable; what changes is their viability to fit in with the rest of your team's comp and strategy.

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Just keep grinding games, the more you play the more accurate bracket you will be in. The low tiers tend to be filled with a lot of ignorance and anger. Once you start getting matched with people of equal skill then you will at least have people who are learning the game around the level that you are. Venomancer is a fine hero, especially if you are new to the game. Though there are plenty of times in which he is an awful choice. Maybe your team doesn't have a carry or any sort of inititation, don't last pick him because he doesn't fill those roles. I would suggest sticking to the set of easier heros and focus on your personal learning rather then getting bogged down with team compositions. Just ignore the flamers and try to figure out what you did wrong and how you can correct it in the next game that you play.

As soon as you make it beyond that 1st pool, then you get into the pool of "Hey we need wards!!!!", people calling gg as soon as the game starts because nobody on the team picked support, and apparently nukers, or anything not hard carries are considered support for some reason.

Support isn't a class or specific set of heros. It is a play style based around the lineup your team / opponents have. Gyrocopter can be considered a support and we see him being ran in that role in a lot of professional games. Most people consider Mirana a Semi Carry, however her best role is that of a support due to her mobility / stun. Vengeful Spirit can be played as a support or as a carry depending on how you are allocating farm and your item choices. Some heros that have burst damage such as Lina or OD can be played as a carry or as a support based on the laning / item progression. It is all about hero synergy and the over arching goal of your team and its current match up that sets up which heros should be allocated the farm. You can't take heros and stick them into nice little groups, there are tons of grey area...which is what makes Dota such a beautiful game.

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I don't speak for others but I didn't mean "Pick whatever hero you want" but that "If they wanted to play matches that need hero synergy then build the team instead of expecting a random person to follow". The others on the team might not know or care so depending on them to pick the right partner to go with you is dubious.

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People like to bitch and whine about heroes all the time, usually because if your pick is bad for the composition of the team people will just blame you for their own uselessness. I like to deliberately pick meepo because it's fucking satisfying watching people flip out at the start of the match and then have to eat their own words when I destroy everyone.

At the end of the day that's just kids on the internet. There's BM in every game, it's just more noticeable in dota because the matches are longer. The best way to get around it would be to use communities like this one to find likeminded players. We have a bunch of threads stickied for exactly that in the dota 2 forums. There's also an in-game "GiantBomb" chat you can join where people are always throwing up practice lobbies and looking for groups to matchmake with. It won't guarantee you a win, but at the very least it will mean your team aren't a bunch of dickholes.

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Why are people talking about KDA and multikills like they're anywhere near valid metrics to measure performance by? If a ganker is ganking, he's doing his job. If a support is warding, stacking and pulling, and buying support items, he's doing his job. If a carry is farming well all game and building his awesome items to shit on faces in the late game, then he's doing his job. If a lane pusher is keeping the lanes hecka pushed, then he's doing his job. I could go on and on, but really, if you're thinking of your performance in Dota 2 solely in terms of K/D/A or how many kills you can string together or whatever. I am by no means an expert at Dota 2, but learning this is an important step towards understanding the game better. If the enemy acts all aggro and ganks most of your team all game while the right carry silently farms, and is able to like instagib the whole team and push to win at the end and win, then the kills the other team had were absolutely worthless.

Dota 2 is not Team Deathmatch.

Sorry about the side rant.