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Well, I suppose that settles it: Inquisition really is the next Elder Scrolls game.

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Are you saying there is a Kasavinquisition?

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Oh sweet. I remember his Oblivion marathon back in the day being one of my favorite gamespot streams so I'm sure I'll enjoy this....hopefully it doesn't end with a fire alarm going off like the oblivion video did :p

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awesome, I'm not one for watching this stuff outside of GB Quick Looks, but Kasavin is enough to make it happen.

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@kirkyx: There is a layer of generic elder scroll stuff shoehorned into the landscapes of DAI but its not an Elder scrolls game.

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@rethla: I wouldn't know; I plan to finish replaying Origins, and then actually finish 2, before I get it. I mainly just wanted to tie this video into Greg Kasavin's illustrious past.

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Awesome, I'll have to watch this later when I get the time.

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damn, looks like the pc version sucks or his pc is just terrible for the settings he's running.

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I'll watch Greg play an rpg...yes I will. :)

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Is he playing for 12 hours straight?

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@rethla said:

@kirkyx: There is a layer of generic elder scroll stuff shoehorned into the landscapes of DAI but its not an Elder scrolls game.

I don't know about you, but Inquisition has most of what I love about Elder Scrolls games (large world to get lost in, huge number of quests, interesting places to discover) with the added benefit of actually having an engaging story and interesting characters (unlike Elder Scrolls games).

As a huge fan of both Bethesda and Bioware games, I feel like Inquisition is the best of each of their respective styles combined into one game.

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Are you saying there is a Kasavinquisition?

...that's pretty good.

I likely won't watch all of this but I'll definitely watch a fair bit of it at some point.

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Greg had some technical issues last night while playing, but he said it should be resolved for tonight's stream.

I watched much of it live, and parts of this first stream are hard to watch, as his FPS is sub-30 and he accidentally makes characters' hair look like shiny helmets. The next stream should hopefully alleviate that. :)

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@ll_exile_ll: Well if you compare Inqusition to Origins and DA2 you can clearly see some businessman looked at the success of Elder scrolls and forced Bioware to shoehorn in some "huge" enviroments with a myriad of really bland quests ala Elder scrolls. The true openess of Elder Scroll games aint there though its just half assed and the core of Dragon age games with "engaging story and interesting characters" as you put it is still the main game.

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I have found numerous hidden corpses adjacent to comically large wheels of cheese in some areas of the environment. That is a Skyrim reference in some way right?

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I need to find some time to watch this now.

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As much as I think I'd enjoy this, the frame rate is making my eyes bleed. I hope it isn't as bad on his end, because it looks like a slide show at points.

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Well god damn it. I'm gonna have to make time for this somehow.

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Man, that video is so choppy.

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I really like watching it. But it is also a great warning that to full experience the game, don't stream it :P.

He just misses so many things. I understand everyone plays games a different way, but maaaaaaaaaaaan i just have to tell myself that some of his actions are only because he is streaming the game to an audience. ;)

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I really liked the Skyrim marathon so I'll definitely check this out. Thanks.