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We can only hope
We can only hope

So now that FighterZ is out and a big hit I for one can't wait for the 8 planned DLC characters that are coming down the road (as announced in the season pass). So in anticipation of the reveal I would love to hear what characters you would like added to the roster. Personally I'm a huge fan of the original dragon ball so characters like the ox king, launch, oolong, and kid goku, along with fan favorites like master roshi, mr satan, and yajirobe. Oh, and of course arale from dr. slump. What do you guys think? What's your list?

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My list is in the earlier thread about this:

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Cynthia, Piccolo's driving instructor:

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...what? This game could use some female fighters and it would be fun having her run over opponents with a hover car.

I guess for a serious answer, Mr. Satan just so Jeff can play as his favorite Dragon Ball character.

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Videl could be fun. Or pull some characters from Dragon Ball like Tao Pai Pai. Though what I really want is a World Tournament Announcer voice pack. That and some goofy costumes like Post Boy Piccolo, farmer Goku, and cop Krillin

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Mr. Satan, Videl, Broly, Dabura, Kefla, Master Roshi, maybe Chi Chi, Hit and Toppo if they can figure out how to fill out their move sets.

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Pui Pui and Frieza soldier #1 and #2.

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Brolly, Janemba, Vegito, Gogeta, Videl, Master Roshi, Bardock, and I don't know.

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  1. Android 17
  2. Bulma
  3. Videl
  4. Chi-Chi
  5. Bardok
  6. Dr. Gero (with Android 19 assists)
  7. Master Roshi
  8. Brolly (non super saiyan; turns super saiyan during supers)
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I agree with the sentiment that more female fighters need to be in the game, but it's kinda slim pickings in Dragoball Z. Next to Android 18, there's... uh... Videl. And that's kinda it. And Videl never actually did anything. Super has some new female saiyans in it, but the little bit I saw of Ribrianne was some of the fucking worst Dragonball I have ever seen. If they ever put GT characters in, they could have Pan in there.

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@justin258: Yeah, it wasn't great, but I took it as a jab at the magical girl genre as a whole. It was still really annoying with that mindset, but I just tried to roll with it. Honestly, the female Saiya-jins aren't great either, but I think that's more an issue with Super as a whole (huge jumps in power levels that make no sense) rather than the characters themselves.

As for DLC characters, how about Monaka? He is the most powerful being in Universe 7 after all, excluding Beerus and Whis.

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There needs to be more female characters so I would add Pan from the GT and Videl from dbz. They can add Kale and Caulifla but they are newer characters and I don't know how popular they are with the db community. I was very surprised that master Roshi was not in the game at all. They should also add some characters from the various db films. My top twelve would be:

  1. Pan
  2. Videl
  3. Bardock
  4. Broly
  5. Cooler
  6. Master Roshi
  7. Yajirobe
  8. Mr. Satan
  9. Raditz
  10. Baby
  11. Jaco the Galactic Patrolman
  12. Gine -- Gokus mother

I remember when I played DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2, that game had like 130 characters. I think the character I played the most was Grandpa Gohan and sometimes I would play as Salza, who was part of Coolers squad.

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King Vegeta

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Misters Satan and Popo are the only correct answers.

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Fat Gogeta is the only choice here!

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Pre-Saiyan Goku with Kaioken move (Saiyan Saga)

Teen Gohan (Cell Saga)

Vegito (Buu Saga)

Gogeta (Movie with Janemba)


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Videl and Mr. Satan are the only two I'd especially like to see.

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Not gonna get any of my wishes.

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  1. Tao Pai Pai
  2. Launch
  3. Mr. Satan
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There's already so many Gokus in the game, but... I want Kid Goku with his staff and tail nonetheless. I also want Videl but, as someone already pointed out, she doesn't really have any "moves" that are all her own. So instead, I am putting forth the idea of The Great Saiyaman with Videl as Saiyagirl coming in with assists. I think that would be dope!

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I want giant monkey Goku vs giant monkey vegeta.

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More characters from super like Jiren or Jaco

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Master Roshi

Majin Vegeta (alternate costume would do)


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Listening to this week's Beastcast was a little disheartening for this.

If the game is seriously going to put Cooler (who is Freeza 2 at the best of times), Base Level Vegeta and Goku in (a THIRD version of both characters), but leave off Kale/Caulifla, Frost and Cabba, it just feels lazy at a certain point.

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ez answer:

1. Guldo (Stop time)

2. Babadi (Mind control)

3. Sorbet (SO he can 1 shot Goku)

4. Maji Kayo (Weird morphing)

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1. Kale

2. Caulifla

3. Arale

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King Kai and Yajirobe