can you reset your class?

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I more or less just started and chose strider class, but I want to change to either two hand sword or sword and sheild, do I just change out weapons or do I have to restart

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You can use DCP to switch to any other vocation and start leveling that up. Once you unlock a vocation, you can switch back to it at any time. You can do it at an inn later on at Level 10.

It's going to be awhile before you earn enough xp and get to the inn where you can change, though. If you just started and don't like your class you may want to just restart and skip through the prologue.


This game has been out for awhile and there are a TON of resources out there if you look around. There are essentially no mysteries left in Dragon's Dogma, so if you get stuck you should be able to easily find answers to everything.

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You have to reach Gran Soren and speak with some guy in the Inn, he can change your vocation (class) to any other.

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Yes you can at any point after you reach the main city you talk to the inn keeper and select vocation. There are 6 other classes besides the 3 starters. They are either combinations of classes or advanced versions of the first ones.

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They're masterclasses all, you can't go wrong.